3 thoughts on “Too Late”

  1. I must say, I’m beyond impressed with what our adversaries are coming up with this time. E.g. someone seriously considering banning bear spray. In Colorado.

    Banning might be the wrong choice; other regulation might work better.

    There is no limiting principle to liberalism, a fatal flaw.

    (Some people have reported an impression that pepper spay was used, large quantities of which can of course be found in bear spray.)

  2. Perhaps it’s time to treat the names of mass-murderers as a privacy issue: we shouldn’t be releasing the name until we confirm that the person wasn’t a schizophrenic.

    I not only mourn for the people this person killed, but I also mourn for him: if only this disease didn’t ruin his life! (And it would likely have, shooting or not–because treatment doesn’t always work.)

    We mourn these people, but we should be able to do so without knowing their names.

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