I’d Like a Phaser Too

A Massachusetts Democrat introduces a bill in the House that would mandate smart guns, because he says the technology totally exists. I think what we really need is a Smart Congress Law… a technology that would automatically recognize the Constitution and only allow lawmaking duly authorized.

h/t Instapundit

5 thoughts on “I’d Like a Phaser Too”

    1. I’d like one of those hot alien chicks that cam morph into anyone you want……


  1. I haven’t read the bill, or the article. But I will now make a bold prediction. The police would be exempt.

    Why don’t these bills require the police to use “smart guns” first as a proof of concept?

  2. Funny how all the virtues of smart guns don’t apply to the police. Even though the very example in this case is a goverment agent.

    And gotta love how the complexisty and expense of “retrofitting” existing guns is just brushed aside. If it is so easy to “smart gunnify” *any* existing gun does that not mean that the reverse would also be true?

    Also Ffnny how when their laws fail because they didn’t know what they were doing that’s just an excuse to let them try again.

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