Guns are Good Fundraisers

We all knew this, but apparently it’s still a bit of a surprise to the media. The Chester County Sheriff’s Department managed to raise around $20,000 raffling off an AR-15 and a bolt-action rifle.

This particular raffle drew the ire of the anti-gun crowd even after the Sheriff’s Department made very clear in the media that winners would undergo background checks. It really just goes to show that they aren’t about legal gun ownership at all.

7 Responses to “Guns are Good Fundraisers”

  1. Rydak says:

    Good for her! Nice to see these types of events.

  2. Brian says:

    Fact is that they had to pass the BG check TWICE. The sheriff ran a check prior to sending the winners to the FFL to claim their prize who ALSO ran a PICS because IT’s THE LAW!

  3. Sigivald says:

    Their “similar to the one used in last year’s shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.” description of the AR makes me want to say things like “this article, written on computers similar to the ones used to commit numerous crimes”…

    They never will understand that there’s no Magic to the AR-15 that makes it a Murder-hose…

  4. GMC70 says:

    Here in Free America (Kansas), the local touchdown club is raffling off a .22 levergun (a Henry) to help fund the local athletic teams.

    At a school. Yes, a freaking SCHOOL!.

    And no, I have no fears the rifle is going to jump up and murder any of the little dears all by its lonesome. Shocking, I know.

  5. Torrey says:

    we need more media to support gun rights. Here is a new short film that does…pass it on:

  6. Al says:

    I remember reading an inquirer article about this and her vehemently repeating that the guns were for law abiding sportsman and hunters. I really thought that she did a good job sticking to her guns and recognizing the law abiding. it’s just gives an FU to the press and their misperceptions.