Why Am I Not Surprised …

Dennis Henigan finds this self-congratulatory article appealing? Both sides are guilty of the exact same things they accuse the other side of, they just manifest themselves in different ways. People are, for the most part, irrational emotional beings. As much as some might want to claim their side is full of thoughtful, rational, people, can I promise you if your movement isn’t composed of Vulcans, that’s not the case.

3 Responses to “Why Am I Not Surprised …”

  1. Thirdpower says:

    Maybe he should actually read some of the ‘reasoned discourse’ over on Huffpo where that’s cross-posted.

    I read one the other day that stated the elections were a devastating loss for the GOP because they didn’t take the senate.

    All they’re trying to do is make themselves feel better and re-establish the Dems as the ‘party of gun control’. I think they’ll have as much success at this as when they tried shaming the Hollywood types back into the hating guns fad.

  2. Mark Steele says:

    Interestingly enough, God will be returning to earth to settle all disputes … real soon now.

  3. Alpheus says:

    I think it’s funny that Henigan is accepting Chaif’s premises that Liberals are pragmatic, and Conservatives are rooted in philosophy.

    First off, if Henigan was all that pragmatic, he would be championing the removal of gun laws by now: time and time again, statistics have shown that gun control has little to no effect on crime, and that, if there is any effect on loosening gun laws, it is that crime decreases…yet he still demands gun control.

    Second, Obama has demonstrated a certain non-pragmatism about himself: he pushed health care, even when 70% of the population opposed it. Of course, we’ll have to see just how non-pragmatic Obama is. The real test is what Obama will do these next two years.

    Third, Liberals are more philosophy-bound than Chaif makes out: Liberals are just as convinced that it’s immoral for an individuals to own more than his neighbor (unless it’s himself that owns more), and that a Central Authority is needed to make things moral. This is their end, and they could almost care less what the practical results of their end are.