NRA Annual Meeting Roundup

I thought I’d add some coverage from fellow bloggers who attended, and some who didn’t attend but blogged about the meeting, nonetheless.

I missed this protester. What she calls loopholes, other people call freedom.

The gun control activists are stoked. You’ll notice that there was more interest in the protesters than guns on the floor. Actually, there wasn’t much new this year. I don’t think manufacturers want to introduce new products in the midst of all this madness. Kevin also notes that we’re a different species to them.

From Jennifer: Things I learned at the NRA convention. She also has some coverage of the protest.

Joe notes that Connecticut Senator Blumenthal thinks we had nothing to celebrate in Houston. Joe didn’t make it this year because he was busy with Boomershoot.

Great Satan Inc has more protest coverage.

Rob Pincus made quite a stir suggesting folks keep locked and secured guns in the kids bedrooms. But an anti-gun activist stating in front of reporters that he keeps an unsecured shotgun under the bed with kids in the house didn’t raise any ire at all. Maybe because no one believes any of these people actually are gun owners.

A magic Magpul bus.

Random thoughts on the NRA Annual Meeting from John Richardson.

More wrap up from Old NFO.

JayG has an after action review. He also participated in a story Buzzfeed was working on at the convention.

Overheard at the Annual Meeting. I’d have been impressed if they could deliver a T&A product.

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  1. When you miss an antigun protestor, stop…
    ….take a deep breath, settle down…
    …turn the car around and try again.

    Just kidding! Really!

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