But I Thought Gun Control Was a Winner?

Democrats are using pro-gun Democrats in key races in 2014, despite the fact that the party as a whole is supporting a massive new push on gun control. Good luck with that. In the past I’ve been willing to entertain pro-gun Democratic candidates, and I still appreciate those already serving in Congress who helped us defeat the latest gun control measures, but that’s a far cry from an untested name that knows how to answer a questionnaire and tell us what they think we want to hear. I fell for that trick with Casey. The Democratic Party has a long way to go before “just trust me” on guns is going to carry an weight at all on gun rights.

11 thoughts on “But I Thought Gun Control Was a Winner?”

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    1. Has the media ever been as actively behind a political issue as they are gun control? Seriously. I’ve never seen anything like this.

  2. If Schweitzer runs, he wins. He has broad support even from hard-core, 2nd amendment loving, conservative Republican Montanans. You could do worse than a guy who had a gun on his wall (and if rumors are correct concealed carried) in the “gun free zone” state capitol.

    He did veto constitutional concealed carry and supports universal background checks, but when asked about what guns he owns he replied “none if your damn business.” He would vote against something like Manchin-Toomey. Better than a wishy-washy RINO.

    – bsd

  3. The national Democrat party leadership has thrown a monkey wrench into the works, for sure. Back in 2010, I voted for Richard Cordray for Ohio AG over Mikey DeWine, who got the nomination in the first place only because his equally no-account cousin, the state GOP chair at the time, elbowed a better candidate aside. Cordray signed the amicus brief in Heller, and was objectively better on gun rights otherwise than DeWine was in the Senate (Ohio Republicans suck out loud). I’d have to think ‘er over before I did something of the kind again, because of the national party leadership (not that the national GOP is worth a dry fart either).

  4. One of the biggest problems with “pro-gun” Donks is that they’ll talk a big game on legislation but then they’ll fully support the worst anti-gun judicial nominees so that they can undermine 2A rights through the courts.

    I have a tough time believing that ANY Donk is even remotely supportive of 2A rights.

  5. While trying to be non-partisan on gun issues may still work for you and some others to vote dem in any election is damaging the 2nd. The DNC platform has gun control built in, it is what the party wants and while I understand that there are pro-gun dems out there if you vote for them it puts the DNC in control. Once they have control of a legislature it is only by fighting tooth & nail to stop constitutional violations. Name one Republican controlled state pushing the violation of your 2nd amendment rights.

  6. “to vote dem in any election is damaging the 2nd.”

    What do you do when to vote for either party is to damage the cause of individual liberty?

    1. Not voting dem is a short term damage control measure, long term the people have to fix the problem since we created it in the first place.

      1. In other words, the German fix that someone else has cited here. “We’ll let the fascists take care of the communists, then we’ll be able to take care of the fascists.”

        It didn’t work that time and I have no confidence in it this time.

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