Paranoia & Fear

I stumbled across a Facebook post gathering of Texas anti-gun activists who are concerned about the NRA annual meeting and exhibits taking place in Houston. As much as our opposition says that we’re the paranoid ones, their side has the woman speaking out who is convinced that the convention is full of people to fear who are “insane” and “nuts” simply for wanting to look at guns.


When challenged over why she would be fearful of law abiding NRA convention attendees, she spoke more of who she fears the most.


I don’t know what’s worse here. On one hand there’s the paranoia that Sarah Palin or Ted Nugent is going to hurt her because she wants more gun control. On the other hand, there’s the overinflated sense of self-worth that comes with the assumption that Sarah Palin or Ted Nugent would even give enough of a damn about her existence to even want to hurt her.

The funny thing is that as much as she fears people on the right being around guns out of a sense that they’ll want to hurt others for not thinking like them, she’s the one who hopes that the FBI is keeping an eye on everyone who attends who might think differently than she does. So much for free thought or free association.

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  1. “On the other hand, there’s the overinflated sense of self-worth that comes with the assumption that Sarah Palin or Ted Nugent would even give enough of a damn about her existence to even want to hurt her.”

    That’s gonna leave a mark. LMAO

  2. Projection, ma’am. Heck, you know what it is, why am I even telling you.

    The Arabs say, “she accuses me of having the symptoms of her disease.”

  3. Not to defend this woman, but Sarah Palin’s 2-digit IQ and Ted Nugent’s insane ramblings can only hurt us. I have no idea why some of us actually look up to these people.

    1. Agreed.

      Wayne LaPierre is also not exactly the best public face for the NRA and American gun owners.

    2. I’m don’t agree with many things said and done by Palin, and I find Nugent to be utterly obnoxious. However, that doesn’t mean I find it reasonable to have a fear of these people around guns. I also don’t think the FBI must be called to watch over every move they make because they don’t agree with me. I think this woman’s fear is far more irrational and insane than anything those two have said.

      1. Bitter,

        I’d feel very safe with Nugent or Palin around me and armed. As t the FBI doing anything, yeesh, they have been asking the American public for assistance in finding the Boston bombers and the Benghazi terrorists. I don’t think they know what the hell they’re doing, so I am highly unworried they are coming for any of us anytime soon. Incompetents, the whole lot of ’em.

      2. Especially when almost every act of mass violence has been committed by left leaning nut jobs.

        I believe it’s mostly because the right not only believes in their rights but also those crazy ideas like morality, honor, respect, and dignity. Things which seem totally foreign to the left.

      1. Also, remember, “two-digit IQ” describes literally half the population at all times.

        I see no reason to believe that “our side” disproportionately draws from the top half of the bell curve there, so we’ve almost certainly got the same distribution as the general population.

        Telling half our side to shut up because they’re too dumb to talk, well… not the best idea, maybe?

        (* Okay, trivially less than half, since the median is defined at 100, but the bell curve is pretty flat one point off the middle.)

        1. Eh, firearms ownership is positively correlated with income and education levels… Especially “black rifle” AR-15 ownership. The average AR-15 owner has some college if not a bachelor’s and makes $75K+. Guns — especially nice guns — are an expensive hobby.

          I saw similar statistics for Alaskan firearms owners in a UA study.

          We have our share of “cleti” (as Tam would call them) but I am highly confident that the profile of the average lawful gun owner would show higher socioeconomic status than the profile of the average “gun violence victim.”

          1. Remember the context here was some anon calling Sarah Palin names and projecting stupidity onto her with a claim she was Hurting Us…

            Also, picking “gun violence victim” as the counter-example to “us” is also cherry-picking, given the way gun violence in America works.

            I’m not sure we’re smarter (which was the original criterion, for which income and especially educational status are very poor proxies*) than “non-gun-people” or even “anti-gun people”.

            (* Yeah, really dumb people rarely make much money or get degrees. But considering how teeth-clenchingly stupid plenty of people with Doctorates can be, I wouldn’t go too far down that road.)

      2. I agree with Palin on many issues, I usually support Republicans, I despise progressives, and I take everything the media says with a truckload of salt.

        And I think that Palin is an idiot.

  4. Firearms are a big part of the Texas history and its heritage and if this woman feels so insecure around all “these gun nuts” then maybe she should consider moving to Mass or New York where gun control is the norm and she could always get her jollies off by the STOP & FRISK policies in New York, that should solve her fears.

  5. When Democrats have too much time on their hands, this is the kind of sh!t we can expect. If they are not involved in some kind of cause or agenda, they are not doing their jobs.


    Did you see the feminist who is protesting the new UCONN mascot because she says it promotes rape? Yikes.

    So if it’s not gun-owners, it’s any guy who is on the Internet. And they say we’re the crazy ones.

  6. If gun owners were half as violent as anti-gunners claim, the members of the anti gun movement would have all been murdered twenty years ago.

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