Sotomayor Still a Lock

Mark Warner has joined some of his fellow Democrats in supporting Sotomayor.  But I don’t particularly appreciate the quote seen here:

“I’m very disappointed. [NRA seems] to be going beyond their Second Amendment issues, particularly when I think the judge’s positions on those issues are still fairly open,” Warner said. “I trust in her judgment and temperament. I think the NRA at some point has gone beyond its mission, and are perhaps allowing themselves to get hijacked by those who are in the extreme.”

Fairly open because she didn’t answer any questions, even on vague constitutional principles which she ought to be able to answer.  If there’s one thing I’ve disliked about guys like Tester, and now apparently Warner, is that they’ve been entirely willing to carry water for virulently anti-gun people for the sake of their party.  Most Democrats seem to be lining up with the party on this one, which is what I expected.  Like I said, we aren’t doing too badly with this Senate, but there are obviously limits to how far we can push. Scuttling a nomination is difficult.

3 thoughts on “Sotomayor Still a Lock”

  1. At the end of the day a Democrat will tow the party line. I had a conversation with a friend of mine about his local congressman who was a “conservative” Democrat. I said “You know what a conservative Democrat gets you in the long run?” He says “What?” “Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, and Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader.” In the end voting Democratic is a futile enterprise when it comes to maintaining your liberty. I know that there has been some progress, but in the end it is futile.

  2. I communicated twice with Senator Warner on Sotomayor’s nomination – in each case I expressed the viewpoint that she was unfit to be appointed to the Supreme Court due to her lack of respect for the Constitution, citing several examples I thought were pertinent. His response in each case was to send back a form letter citing her “Compelling personal story”, and completely ignoring any facts to the contrary…

  3. Sebastian,
    Your headline should be “SOTOMAYOR STILL A RACIST, SEXIST”

    I don’t know what the big deal is. A) she’s not the first woman to sit on the SCOTUS. B) She’s not the first Hispanic to sit on the SCOTUS (I think…?). C) She’s not the first racist to sit on the SCOTUS D) She’s replacing another left winger on the SCOTUS.

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