Bias Much?

So a poll says that 54% of Arizonans are either happy with the state’s gun laws, or want the law to be less strict, and what was the headline read? “Poll: Most Arizonans want stricter gun laws.” This is not even remotely accurate, given that only 42% of Arizonans said “the sale of guns should be subject to stricter laws.” This would, at best, be a plurality, if you ignore the fact that the rest of those polled said they were fine with the laws as is or wanted them to be less strict. There is no universe where this poll says that most Arizonans want stricter gun laws.

7 thoughts on “Bias Much?”

  1. That’s… disappointing. KTAR switched to a news/talk format a few years ago and even carried Glenn Beck for awhile. I guess they’ve decided to tack to the left of KFYI, KFNX and KKNT, the conservative talk stations in town.

  2. The Mainstream Media, is on like “full lies ahead”…

    It’s getting ridiculous. But they know, if they say it enough. Folks will take their word for it.

  3. I do like the result of 13% “not sure” if they have a working gun in the house. I “am sure” the question went something like this:
    Polster: Do you have a working gun in the house?
    Citizen: None of your business.
    Polster: I’ll put that down as “not sure.”

  4. Considering that we get a “0” rating, I’ll happily brave the summer heat to live in a bastion of the Republic.

  5. Behavior Research Center spoke with 700 Arizonans and found the 49 percent believe it is more important to protect gun ownership rights, including semi-automatic rifles while 38 percent want tougher controls on gun ownership and 13 percent are unsure.

    Don’t they teach math in Arizona?
    I was always taught that 49 was a bigger number than 38, or has that changed since 1980?

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