Gun Polling in New York State

Someone sure wants to know what deep blue states think of gun control. Consider this Quennipiac poll:

52. Do you think the laws covering the sale 
of guns in New York State should be made more strict, 
less strict, or kept as they are now?
                     Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind

More strict          61%    40%    79%    55%
Less strict           8     14      4     11
Kept the same        28     44     16     31
DK/NA                 3      2      2      3
                     Men    Wom    Wht    Blk    Hsp

More strict          50%    72%    56%    83%    78%
Less strict          14      3     10      4      8
Kept the same        34     22     32     13     13
DK/NA                 2      3      3      1      2

Of course, if you want to know where that attitude comes from in New York:

                     UpStat NYC    Sub

More strict          49%    74%    62%
Less strict          12      5      7
Kept the same        35     19     29
DK/NA                 4      2      1

The same poll also shows overwhelming approval for gun rationining, once again, mostly from NYC. I’ll bet if you excluded Long Island and the other downstate counties, New York would look a lot different in terms of its attitude on gun laws.

6 thoughts on “Gun Polling in New York State”

  1. Surveys like that would make much more sense if the subjects were questioned on their knowledge of existing law.
    Most people are clueless about current laws and procedures.
    It’s either need special permit to purchase, or go to gun store and buy a machine gun, no questions asked.

  2. Thank You! I’ve been postulating for years that if a Political Party can Dominate the Largest Cities in a State, then the Political Power of the rest of the State becomes moot. That Polling Data shows that as long as NYC controls the Votes, the rest of the State gets screwed. My Thesis can be applied to Chicago vs. Illinois, LA/San Fran vs. California, St. Louis vs Missouri, etc. Of course, there are the smaller states along the Eastern Seaboard wherein the entire State can be treated as a City, like Connecticut, Delaware and New Jersey, but this trend is now working in “Fly Over Country” in places like Colorado and Denver.

    So the concept of Red State/Blue State needs to modified into Red Cities/Blue Cities. But this brings up another point. Since the Electoral College is based on the total number of Congressional Districts and Senators, plus the 3 Electors from DC, if one Party can control a Major City or Two, then the ENTIRE STATE goes to that Party’s Candidate under the “Winner Take All” system in most States. I propose that a Constitutional Amendment be done so that the Electoral Collage is based on the Winner in each Congressional District, with the Senate Vote going to the Overall State Winner.

    Unlike a Direct Popular Vote with it’s Mob Rule Effect, this System would allow a much more “Fair and Balanced” Voting Result, giving those Citizens of those Staes Dominated by the NeoFuedalism of people like Mikey Bloomberg a Fighting Chance to make their Vote Count.

    But since this would reduce the Political Power of both Major Parties, it would never stand a Chance to be implemented.

    But one could Hope for Change.

  3. As someone who lives in upstate New York, you are correct. It really is two different worlds, and trying to explain that upstate is more conservative than NYC is often a quite sisyphean task.

    1. What Bill said. Plus a dollop of what EchoVictor said, ALOT of these folks have NO IDEA whats involved in buying a gun…

  4. Well, more conservative, but that last table reads to me that it is certainly not a wonderland of opinion in favor of the 2nd. 84% still in favor of keeping or making them worse.

    Of course, it’s still a poll. Twist the results how you like.

  5. The “tighten the gun laws” folks are probably confusing possible with legal. It is possible for a feloniously bad person to get a firearm and use it in a socially reprehensible manner, but it certainly isn’t legal.

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