Sandy Hook Families Heading to Trenton

It looks like the anti-gun groups are flying in non-residents in order to campaign for Democrats in New Jersey.

Let me repeat that.

The anti-gun groups in New Jersey are resorting to flying in Newtown, CT families in order to participate in Democratic campaign meetings and to lobby for gun control. This is New Jersey, it’s amazing they have to fly in outsiders to promote Democrats and make the state more anti-gun.

Of course, local gun owners are also planning to visit the State House and remind lawmakers who they really represent. Let us hope that these lawmakers remember that these Connecticut residents don’t vote in New Jersey.

10 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Families Heading to Trenton”

  1. I may be totally in sensitve but I grow tired of the sandy hookers using their childrens death as thier summer vacation package.

    If someone killed my son I would be all kinds of destroyed, but I just cant imagine myself going on a 6 month long blood dance.

    Im sorry but this funeral party is becoming morbid

  2. How much more gun control could New Jersey *possibly* have without a complete and total ban on all firearms? I mean, it’s already such a pain in the ass (and legally very risky no matter how careful you might be to follow their crazy laws) to own guns there that I wouldn’t even bother if I lived there. I just can’t imagine what else they might have in mind.

    1. It was horrible when I left in 1990, and talking to some friends still behind enemy lines it has only gotten worse…..

      Interesting thing though, in NJ the idea of having to log sales of ammo and show ID to purchase it was actually repealed. It was that much a waste of time even NJ got rid of the law! Now the Feds are trying to pass it, and have failed, but I’m sure are gonna be trying to pass it again.

  3. I just read something interesting on – there is a bill in the New Jersey state legislature to allow New Jersey to once again legally own the Marlin Model 60 rifle. This is the .22 LR rifle with the 17-round tubular magazine that New Jersey’s “assault weapon” ban declared verboten 23 years ago.

    Although one Democrat in the New Jersey State Senate has introduced the bill to make this .22 LR rifle kosher again, the Democrat majority leader has already said it was “not appropriate” to discuss the issue of the Marlin Model 60 at this time.

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