Thursday Mini Dump

Hopefully this doesn’t run me out of stories for the day, but gun news is still running pretty hot out there, so I’ll risk it.

Gun control thoughts after the Boston Marathon.

During the manhunt in Boston, 69% of voters wanted a gun. Also interesting is that less than half of Americans are upset about the Senate gun vote. So much for the 80-90% number.

The upcoming gun control jihad. Some people just don’t know when they are beaten. Not that we’ve beaten gun control, mind you, but Bloomberg is gun control’s future. Groups like CSGV and Brady have become largely irrelevant in the debate.

Another analysis of why NRA won and gun control lost, by Mother Jones.

Hey, even true blue Western states don’t like gun control much.

Some lies on guns are even too much for the New York Times.

USA today misleads on gun dealer inspections. It’s worth noting that as the gun control crowd is attempting to make FFLs the only entities that can legally transfer guns in this country, they are simultaneously trying to reduce the number of FFLs out there.

Blame Democracy, not Obama.

We must ban …

9 Responses to “Thursday Mini Dump”

  1. Dave says:

    Every FFL I deal with and know has gotten inspected every year, at least once a year.

  2. Jim says:

    I don’t get Bloomberg. Does he really think that “Billionaire New York Jew Using his Money to Disarm America” is a good sale in this country outside of NYC, Chicago, and Los Angeles? I can’t believe I read from the same Torah as these fools. Thank god for JPFO –

    • Patrick H says:

      Yeah I don’t get it either. Pryor summed it up great: “I don’t take gun advice from the mayor of New York City. I listen to Arkansans.” And they don’t listen to nannies from New York.

  3. DevsAdvocate says:

    Cool, we won. Let’s all go home and sit on our hands until they come up with the next gun control scheme.

    Seriously… where the hell are the Federal Pro-Gun reforms?

    • Zermoid says:

      My thoughts exactly. I’ve been pissed at the NRA ever since they said over 5 decades ago that repeal of the GCA would be a top priority….

  4. New York Stagehand says:

    After reading through several of the Lefts “why we lost” articles I can see that some people actually get it. They end on trying to make a bright side to it and a look to the future appeal that rings hollow. What I really love is the comments! Our side is well represented in some, but the best are our more extreme people who mention civil war. It keeps people rabid and irrational and throwing vitriol at the NRA. That’s good.

    Never interrupt the enemy when he’s making a mistake.

    Even when the article basically gets it, their foot soldiers don’t. We want them that way.

    Stay vigilant!

  5. NotClauswitz says:

    It’s funny that the LA Times can’t quite bear to mention that California IS actually like totally for sure in the WEST.
    We’re moving to a part where CCW permits are readily granted and the Sheriff has written a letter to VP Biden stating that he will NOT enforce any unconstitutional anti-gun laws including magazine restrictions – and my Congressman is Tom McClintock. There’s a lot more California like this, but we’re eaten-up by the Coastal Dependents…

    • Zermoid says:

      I feel the same way in PA, most of the state votes Republican, but Philly and Shittsburg are dumbascrap supporters…..

  6. Zermoid says:

    Was reading a article about the Boston Bomber buying fireworks for the black powder, why?
    Gun shops sell it by the pound and you can make it yourself easy enough. Guess the bad guys really are stupid…..