Legal in a Lot More States than That

The New York Times doesn’t seem to get that we just recently made it legal in four states, but there’s a lot more states than that where it’s legal to carry a firearm into a restaurant. Actually, very few state prohibit it. The only reason the times makes this an issue is because they are mis-characterizing it. In most states, there is no legal definition of a bar. The New York Times mis-characterizing, and probably editorial selection, is probably why the vast majority of their letters attack restaurant carry. It’s not about enabling people to carry drunk. Carrying drunk is legal in many fewer states, and even in states where it technically is, like PA, you’ll probably still get your LTC revoked if you do it.

6 Responses to “Legal in a Lot More States than That”

  1. DirtCrashr says:

    Heck, you can even do it in California! If you’re a celebrity like Sean Penn, or a Politician…

  2. Jacob says:

    It’s legal all across New York, including in New York City.

  3. Kevin H. says:

    Washington State has no definition of a bar (or even prohibits drinking while carrying, so long as you don’t end up impared by it)
    We just aren’t allowed to carry anywhere you have to be 21+ to enter.
    Even that’s stupid when the permit requires you to be 21 to be elegible to carry in the first place!

  4. MJM says:

    Thanks for posting. “The Nashville Tennessean” blathered on about how absurd expanding the right to keep and bear arms was, insisting this to be a “guns in bars” bill but I’m still listening for all of the drunken shootouts. It’s been most quiet here in our Tennessee restaurants.
    Having personally witnessed a knife-point carjacking in the parking lot of a Ruby Tuesday’s at noon on a Friday, I’ll disagree with our (Democrat) governor: The law never said it was legal to drink and carry and, Governor, you are unable to predict just what element you might mix with on any given day, at any given place. Thus, the gun.

  5. Overload in CO says:

    This is a different issue than being able to drink while carrying.

  6. Link P says:

    For a group that loves to tout their oppressive ideas as “common sense,” the Brady’s hysteria about firearms in restaurants or bars is unrivaled. Gun Free Dining Tennessee doesn’t even manage to achieve the Brady level of PSH, even though they would like to.

    Common sense dictates that mere possession of a firearm is not a crime. When is the last time the Bradys pushed for the common sense legislation to allow a convicted felon to automatically have his civil rights restored upon fulfillment of his sentence?

    The Brady’s own track record automatically nullifies their validity. I hope they remain a self-defeating argument until their inevitable demise. May their successors be no more competent.