Who Need an AR-15 For Home Defense?

Around these parts, they seem to work just fine. Elkins Park is just outside of Philadelphia. I also note that this was an apartment, and it doesn’t appear that the shot over-penetrated. Interesting to note that the homeowner’s Congressman is a staunch advocate for banning his rifle, and is the likely candidate to go up against Governor Corbett in 2014.

8 Responses to “Who Need an AR-15 For Home Defense?”

  1. HappyWarrior6 says:

    I always like reading “armed citizen” posts from the NRA Facebook page. Nice to see a contribution from PA.

    Also, look for the MSM to tear this one apart…

    Then read to the end where it says there is another poll that completely contradicts the PPP numbers.

    • dshim83 says:

      Not only that, but the previous PPP poll which showed the numbers to which they were comparing…is from October 2012. Yep, clearly gun control is the only thing that has happened in congress since last October.

  2. Sounds like the home owner just saved me some tax dollars. :-D Go work!

  3. MicroBalrog says:

    But I thought if you shoot an AR15 indoors it will overpenetrate and shoot through 3 schools? HUFFINGTON POST TOLD ME SO.

  4. mike says:

    The dead guy has quite the history, mostly consisting of Philly releasing him over and over again, to the detriment of society:

  5. Lamont says:

    Ah, Nolle Prossed. Nobody to take him to court, I suppose. As far as the self defense story goes, i will now quote the Arson Beetle – “GOOD! GOOD!”

  6. Jim says:

    (Schwartz was born Allyson Young in Queens, New York, to Everett and Renee (née Perl) Young. Her mother left Vienna in 1938 after Germany annexed Austria, and came to the United States, where she settled at a Jewish foster home in Philadelphia.)

    Can anyone please explain to me why American Jewish people are so suicidal in their response to law abiding citizens owning firearms? Is it the “it can’t happen here syndrome”? I know a few Israeli’s and they don’t seem to be so afflicted.