Monday News Dump

It’s just another Manic Monday. Wish it were Sunday. That’s my fun day. But since it’s Monday, a news dump:

Governor Cuomo’s numbers continue to be disappointing. But I thought gun control was popular?

The bomb suspects did not have a gun permit. This is a shock to no one, except the AP, apparently. The media has been using the Boston situation to push gun control.

The Washington Post has an excellent rehashing of NRA’s supposed support for expanded background checks in the 1990s. Apparently the NRA floated an alternate proposal from the one the Clinton Administration wanted, which was unacceptable to the Administration. That effectively killed the bill.

Chris Christie seems to be floating his own gun control package. I guess he doesn’t want to be President.

Schumer says that they have foot soldiers everywhere, even though his rally was astroturf.

Bloomberg and OFA organized protests as well, like this one at Richard Burr’s offices in North Carolina, where 20 people showed up. Three times that number showed up to protest Burr’s cloture vote. A protest against Rubio didn’t look much better. A protest against Eric Canter was even more pathetic.

Some Illinois Lawmakers want to carve out a Chicago exception on concealed carry. I’m sure the courts will be fine with constitutional rights changing with geography.

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter accuses us of dancing on the graves of gun violence victims. Somehow I don’t think our nutty mayor has been paying attention to what each side in this debate are saying and doing.

Some guy in New Jersey goes to buy a BB gun and finds out it’s difficult, but yet fails to become educated.

Kathleen Kane says we need more leaders like Pat Toomey. I think we need fewer leaders like Kathleen Kane, myself.

Weapons of war do not belong on America’s streets!

The wannabe illegal Mayor in Florida seems to have lost his race.

Shotgun steaks. I hope they are using lead free primers. I wouldn’t eat that otherwise.

Gun-toting locavores! In Canada!

How Joe Manchin blew it.

Feinstein’s meltdown. She complains NRA money defeats her gun control bills, but doesn’t recognize that Bloomberg alone is keeping parity with the NRA on spending. Where would the gun control movement be without rich busybodies? She’s also attended the Joe Biden School of Self-Defense.

You’ve probably all seen or heard about NBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell blaming the NRA for the Boston bombers being on the loose.

On the Second Amendment and Presidential Anger.

5 thoughts on “Monday News Dump”

  1. Running against a politician’s voting record like Bloomberg and Schumer demand requires someone to either make that politician sorry for his/her vote or make them defend it against some sort of purported public outrage. I see none of that happening, showing how very little people really care to follow through on any belief that “tighter gun laws” would do much of anything. There’s more outrage on the the gun rights side in the first place that they would try it.

  2. It will be interesting to observe the intensity of the antis over time. This is uncharted territory in many ways.

  3. I find it a little ironic that Schumer refers to his supporters as “foot soldiers”. Why the violent imagery? I thought they were against such things!

  4. Casey has got to go, he voted against pro gun rights and for gun control on every vote.
    Yet ‘Says’ he’s pro gun rights.

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