Live: The Continuing Senate Debate

The Senate is in recess currently, but will return at 2:15 to resume debate, which should happen until 3:30 or so. We’ll be doing live updates here when that begins.

2:15PM: The Senate is now returning.

2:16PM: Harry Reid is speaking to the media. So far it’s about the Second Boston Massacre. He says they will continue forward and have votes as soon as they can. He says perhaps today or later.

2:20PM: Reid is now taking questions from the media. I’ll update this timestamp if they ask anything about gun control. A reporter asks of momentum has been lost on background checks. Harry Reid notes he has hay fever, but says there’s significant momentum. Notes that their party caucus was as moving as any he can remember. Joe Manchin gave a moving, tearful presentation. Blah, blah, blah. He notes that they have the wind at their back, and the American people agree with them. Reid notes that Cho couldn’t have passed a background check, but he did, Harry. Someone asks about concealed carry. Harry Reid said it’s like baseball, it depends on the bill, but that he’d look at it. We’re back to questions about Boston and terrorism.

2:27PM: Back to the Senate floor, where the crickets are chirping.

2:33PM: I should mention that the more you’re hearing crickets, the better off we are. When they come out on to the floor to vote, that usually means some kind of deal has been reached, and the what follows will be pretty much kabuki theater. If you’re following along on C-SPAN, hearing Chopin is good. Chopin is our friend.

2:37PM: I should note that whatever deal might be reached doesn’t imply it will go badly for us. It could be a deal that involves acceptance Toomey-Manchin will go down to defeat, and either be replaced by something else, or we just scrap all this nonsense and move on. A deal is not necessary defeat. Wait until votes are posted. In the mean time, hope for Chopin. I like Chopin anyway. Good background music while I work.

2:42PM: C-SPAN is replaying the speeches from the Senate floor earlier. I hate it when they do this because it makes it harder for me to hear if we’ve transitioned to a live speaker. Music to speech is a much easier transition than speech to speech.

2:55PM: “The week is finally here,” notes Chris Murphy (D-CT), where the Senate gets to vote on gun control. How exciting. Speaking too soon hopefully. Now he’s recounting what he was doing when he first heard of Sandy Hook. He’s also reminding us that this is For the Children(TM). He’s continuing with his stories of the murdered children. Apparently these are the last few. Now he’s reminding everyone that the NRA hates Newtown victims and children because they won’t go along with punishing millions of American gun owners for the acts of a lunatic.

3:14PM: Chris Murphy (D-CT) is still up talking about murder victims, like any of us have anything to do with any of this.

3:22PM: Now he’s talking about being a responsible gun owner. This is a subject he knows nothing about. He’s talking about Glock 9s and high capacity ammunition. He has no business legislating or bloviating on this subject. He’s speaking now of gun accidents, and not noting that gun accidents are at an all time low, largely because of spreading a culture of safety through education, something Chris Murphy has never spent a minute of his time doing.

3:29PM: Murphy motions to extend the debate time until 5:30.

3:31PM: Back to Chopin.

4:16PM: Now Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) is up speaking. Starting off with a statement about Boston. He’s now running down a list of crazies with guns none of us had anything to do with. He’s now saying Cho bought guns online and at a gun store without a background check. This is a lie. He’s sponsoring a magazine ban on behalf of Lautenberg. He’s thanking the victims for being courageous. Why is it courageous to lobby your lawmakers?

4:24PM: Blumenthal yields the floor. He suggested that the vote may be “as early as tomorrow,” meaning it’s likely not happening today.

4:26PM: Chopin!

4:31PM: Mitch McConnel is up asking for a resolution honoring Margaret Thatcher.

4:33PM: Back to Chopin.

4:57PM: Still short on votes.

4:59PM: Barbara Boxer is up. She’s noting her state has been hit too often by gun violence, including mass shootings. I guess California must have weak gun laws! She’s speaking about Patrick Purdy and the Stockton Massacre. Now she’s talking about an assault weapon attack in San Francisco in 1993. I’d note that was years after California banned them. She has a chart up showing a map of gun violence. She is noting that 300 million Americans own guns, and speak of Americans owning many, many guns as if there’s something wrong with that. 87 people die every day from gun violence, she says. That number just keeps magically going up, and up. Ah, yes, she got to that number by counting suicides, if you do the math. Killed or wounded in 2012 in a mass shooting: 175. I think more people were killed by their bathtubs last year. How does anyone vote for these people? This is just such crap. Another lifesize printout of a powerpoint slide: number of people killed or wounded in K-12 shooting since 1999: 262. I’ll bet more were killed in accidents on the way home from school. For the Children(TM)! Now she’s talking about her school security bill. She notes it doesn’t include armed security. So how is it worth anything?

5:26PM: Debate extended until 6PM.

5:28PM: Ted Cruz is up talking about Margaret Thatcher.

5:42PM: Ben Cardin (D-MD) is up saying we need to ban magazines and scary guns. He says that this will have zero impact on legitimate hunters or legitimate shooters. He can kiss my ass. Now he’s upping the number of private sales to 50% of all gun purchases. Hey, if you’re going to lie, why not make it worth your while?

5:50PM: Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is up talking about climate change. It’s a right wing conspiracy, or something. One of his slides made it look like he was planning to take people, and turn them into pizza.

6:04PM: Sheldon Whitehouse makes his contribution to stopping CO2 pollution by stepping off the platform, and the Senate goes into recess. There will be no vote today. There could still be a vote, but the caucusing will continue.

29 thoughts on “Live: The Continuing Senate Debate”

  1. The American people stand with Liberty. Our Founders were very clear with respect to our right to bear arms. There is already an overly burdensome amount of restriction on that right. The idea that these elitist losers think they have the support of the American people is laughable.

  2. If he’ll “look” at CCW, than lets try to tack on national reciprocity as a poison pill, if nothing else.

  3. Reid notes that [Virginia Tech Shooter] couldn’t have passed a background check, but he did, Harry.


    He shouldn’t have passed either one, but the problem behind that has already been taken care of, and nothing being proposed today would have made any difference had it been in effect at the time.

  4. Can someone explain to me why we should be worried?

    Even if it passes the Senate, is there a snowflakes chance in hell that it will get through the House?

    1. I don’t think that’s true. The odds improve considerably if it passes the Senate. It gets even worse with CCRKBA/SAF providing pro-gun cover for the bill.

    2. Because lately it appears the snowflakes are getting thermal insulation offers for their upcoming trip.

  5. and when is Murphy up for re-election?? I will give $$ to anyone who runs against him.

  6. how come no one from our side gets up and calls Blumenthal out for being a damn liar??

  7. I just sent a message to Blumenthal, and it was rejected. His web-based contact engine won’t accept messages from non-constituents.

  8. I hate to sound like a defeatist, but I’m starting to get a sinking feeling the longer this charade drags on. I can’t imagine the current regime letting this vote fail no matter what they have to promise to whom, to secure the 60 votes required. I am hopeful this will not pass, but the ugly reality of politics may once again be proven again today.

  9. Seb, I owe you and Bitter a beer sometime in the future. You guys do this live blog of these things very well. you going to be in H-burgh on the 23rd?

  10. Folks, here’s a Recount of the Yes/No votes by the WaPo Blog at 5:55pm tonight…

    My estimate is the Repubs start off with 45, then:

    1.) Voting Yes – Ayotte, Collins, Kirk, McCain, Toomey = 40
    2.) Wishy-washy Repubs – Heller and Murkowski = 38
    3.) Need at least 3 of the 5 following Dems to vote No in order to secure 41 = Baucus, Begich, Heitkamp, Landrieu, Pryor.

    1. I really hope Sen. Ayotte doesn’t go along with this. NH is such a pro-2A state!

    2. Talked to both Murkowski’s and Begich’s Washington offices today. Was told they were voting no.

  11. I talked to Portmans (ROh) office this afternoon. They said it was about 8 vote no to 1 vote yes in calls, and most of the pass the crap calls were coming from out of state. Of course Ohio’s other senator has his head so far up obozzos ass he can see daylight.

  12. When did Connecticut get its third Senator? You list Chris Murphy (D-CT), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) & Ben Cardin (D-CT). Obviously one is from somewhere else.

  13. It is interesting how little debate there is, period. Clearly there is no real intent to change anyone’s mind with the power of ideas or reason going on, at least publicly.

    I can’t wait for Sen Paul to get started on his next marathon… :)

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