Cheaper than Dirt Again?

When this all started, CTD took a lot of crap because they pulled down gun sales in the wake of Newtown. Now, from their blog, it looks like they are supporting the Toomey-Manchin amendment? This is making me glad I do my gun shopping at MidwayUSA and Brownells. Let us hope that Reid still remains short on votes for this. I think the struggle to come up with the votes is a clear indication that this was an unnecessary maneuver. If the votes are barely there for this, Schumer’s bill didn’t stand a chance:

First, let’s start from the point where we lost the cloture vote. The vote lost by a huge margin with 68 senators voting in favor of cloture. Once reached, it was evident something was going to go to the floor and Schumer’s background check bill was simply draconian, bad, evil, and needed to be stopped.

The cloture vote was just on the Motion to Proceed. That didn’t mean anything. That didn’t mean anything other than a lot of Senators wanted to go on record with votes on gun stuff. That can be for reasons that favor us, or for reasons that don’t. You will note that NRA did not score the cloture vote on the Motion to Proceed, but threatened to score the cloture vote to end debate on the final bill. That means it was not panic time.

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  1. I made sure to provide links to Kopel’s analysis in the comments. I don’t know if the author reads his comments but I couldn’t find an email address for him.

    WTF happened to Alan Gottlieb? He went from 2A hero to backstabbing traitor overnight.

    I’m just concerned this will affect the money flow to Alan Gura for lawsuits.

  2. Other than very general “yay second amendment!” Kind of statements, editorializing on political issues is just a stupid business decision.

    Larry Potterfield of Midway seems like a great guy. I’ve always had good experiences ordering there.

    1. Larry has raised millions using the NRA round up and donated it to the NRA-ILA, not the NRA. That money goes to lobbying. Good money.

      Larry is a very smart man.

      1. Potterfield reminds me of Hickock45. They both seem to be really nice, friendly, likable guys who genuinely love what they do and value their rights. Men like them are great ambassadors for our side. But of course the media would rather show an asshat like James Yaeger.

  3. So according to CTD, for a private party sale between two people with CCWs, you don’t need a background check, but there is a 4473 that needs to be “maintained by the seller”?

    That sounds really frigging bad to me. How long am I supposed to keep this paper? What if my apartment catches fire or it gets lost? I’m not familiar with ALL of the loops gun shops have to jump through because I’m not a gun shop and don’t want to be.

    1. Don’t worry, the 4473 will be maintained by the FFLs, so they can be copied and retained by the ATF. That’s what they really want anyways. They could care less about background checks. Identify everyone, so that when the time is right, they can come after you. Simple, really.

  4. I heard some things today from Ds and Rs that make me think this isn’t going to go anywhere.

  5. I heard (Cam Edwards, IIRC) that the NRA would rate any amendment vote between cloture votes as well. TS

  6. Did you take the time to read the article? I mean passed the title?

    The first line clearly states – “I had a chance to sit down with Allen Gottlieb from the Second Amendment Foundation and get the straight scoop about the gun related legislation pending in the Senate. The following is the summary from my conversation with Gottlieb.”

    Where does that say this was the author’s opinion or the opinion of Cheaper Than Dirt? It looks like a title designed to grab your attention the same way every other news organization does. Ever read Yahoo, Cnn, FOX, The Onion etc?

    The information is out there or at least one side of it. People need all of the information to make an informed decision, not just to be preached to from one side of the room. If you are responsible enough to own a gun and pull a trigger, then pull up your big boy pants and be responsible enough to accept a viewpoint that doesn’t match yours. I would venture a guess that that Alan Gottlieb has more insight into the specifics of Manchin-Toomey and has done more to promote the 2A than any of us on this forum and did not turn traitor as “PT” alleges just becuase he is pointing out a differeing way of viewing the legislation. Huckabee also agreed with Gottlieb, is he now a traitor as well?

    What do you know about the bill? Or are you just parroting what you read in one opinion article (Kopel) and proclaiming yourself an expert when judging Gottlieb? Quit being a bunch of sheep; listen to all of the information without castigating those giving it to you and make an “informed” decision for a change. It would be a refreshing change from running around like a bunch of Chicken Little’s yelling the sky is falling, and this person or that organization is suddenly against the 2A.

    Besides, your comments seem to have an agenda against the company. What does your shopping preference have to do with Second Amendment legislation!?! How does that make your point more valid?

    I have read the Kopel piece as well. Both sides are flawed, and there is little chance it would make it out of the Senate and even less that it would make it passed the House so why not force the anti-gunners to go on record voting for some pro-gun points that we can use against them later?

    There may be more strategy here than your shopping habits.

    1. I’ve studied the bill extensively, and I think it’s shit. Other experts who I trust also think it’s shit. Gottlieb is trying to tell me it’s the best apple pie I’ll ever taste. He is not among the legal experts I turn to on issues like this.

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