Cheaper than Dirt Stepping in It

Cheaper than Dirt is getting savaged right now online for suspending online firearms sales. To be fair, it seems that it’s because they don’t warehouse guns, and there are no guns to be had right now, as they are getting bought up as fast as they can be manufactured. Emotions are definitely high all around. If this were a battle, and I was an opposing general, the panic appearing on my opponent’s lines would only encourage me to attack more ferociously. I’m OK with lining up true traitors in front of the firing squad, but right now, the enemy is that way folks!

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  1. Part of the reason they are being savaged is the wording of their post: “Cheaper Than Dirt! is suspending online sales of firearms effective immediately. We are reviewing our policy internally, and will continue to be the leader in the outdoor industry with our full line of gear and accessories.”

    Then there’s the whole price gouging thing they have going for magazines right now.

    1. *ding*

      If it was “Hey, look, we’re up to our @sses in orders right now and holding off selling more until our our search and rescue team makes contact with the shipping department”, they should say that.

      But they didn’t.

    2. Part of the reason they are being savaged is the wording of their post

      This. The phrase “We are reviewing our policy internally” is what is killing them. If it was due to inventory issues, they should have just said something like “Due to a sudden and massive increase in firearms sales, we are unable to keep up with demand and have temporarily suspended firearms sales until we are able to adjust our procedures to compensate.”

      In other words, if it is an inventory/demand issue, whoever wrote that press release needs to be fired, quickly, and immediate damage control undertaken.

      Then there’s the whole price gouging thing they have going for magazines right now.

      Honestly, considering what I’ve heard just in passing about the sudden run on magazines, that part doesn’t bother me. As one commenter at Gun Nuts Media said, “If there is a limited supply and a high demand, I’m sorry if this offends but that’s just smart business.”
      I wish I remembered where I saw it so I could give a link, but I noticed one story in passing this morning that claimed a retailer went from about 9,000 pmags on the shelf Friday to none today. If true, then with that kind of demand I can’t blame any retailer for jacking prices up, because if it holds then pretty soon there won’t be any left for anyone to sell.

      1. Went to range today. One lonely stripped lower in the case, $159. The black rifle shelf was bare.

        There was an M1 carbine on consignment… maybe I’ll go back for that.

        In any case… voters are speaking, with dollars. I wonder if there’s any way to collect that statistic.

  2. If their explanation said: “we are suspending orders due to high volume” or something to that effect, I would let it go because that isn’t their fault.

    But the way it’s worded screams of a business practice that I want no part of. It sounds like they are deciding to do that regardless of inventory.

  3. They clearly state they no longer sell firearms. Was about to get a rossi lever action in 45-70. My money, time and support goes elsewhere.

  4. As others said it sounds like they might have just worded that post really badly. They ought to clear things up quick if that’s the case.

    1. A lot of damage has already been done; people will remember the “stops selling guns”, not the “policy is now more nuanced” change, if any, let along “policy is better worded, but we still suck and they won’t sell to us”.

  5. They are dead to me; shame, since I’ve been buying from them for … more than a decade?

  6. Last night I decided I’d better order the 25 round Ruger .22 mags I’ve been looking at for awhile while I still could. Midway USA still had them at the sale price they were advertising until 12/31. Cheaper than Dirt had more than doubled their normal price on them, making the difference about $30 per mag!

    Raising prices I understand, but normally you don’t unilaterally raise them by that amount — you ramp them up as you see demand rise and your competition do likewise. I wonder if it’s going to come out that the rifle and or ammunition or whatever was actually from CTD. They would probably know it by know if it were. And for obvious reasons that could be causing them a lot of pain, at both a PR and personal level.

    1. If you don’t want to click through, where the price and availability etc. would normally be, there’s the flat statement in red that “ does not sell firearms.”

      That’s even for the usual “12 Days of Christmas” firearms promotions, e.g. click through the top one for a M1911 and you get that.

  7. Cheaper Than Dirt has changed their message on the website:

    “Cheaper Than Dirt! has temporarily suspended online sales of firearms. As a long time supporter of the Second Amendment, Cheaper Than Dirt! will continue to promote the safe and responsible use of firearms by law abiding customers. During this temporary suspension, we will review our policies and promotions.”

  8. And Cerberus has also just announced that they will sell Freedom Group. Anyone else think the Obama admin might be Chicago-ing the industry behind closed doors?

    1. I think it has more to do with the fact that the California State Teacher’s Union’s pension fund has a half billion dollar investment in Cerberus. It’s a pretty good chunk of their ownership.

  9. Cheaper than Dirt is price gouging on Ammo too. I had some in my cart ready to order. It went up $1.00 per box from the price listed.

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