Whacko Birds At it Again

Twelve GOP Senators are joining the threat to filibuster any motion to proceed on gun control legislation. Meanwhile, it would seem John McCain doesn’t understand why they would do such a thing. Where McCain will ultimately stand on any legislation is up in the air, but previously he’s supported bills that would impose onerous regulations on gun shows. If you live in Arizona, be sure to call McCain’s office.

7 thoughts on “Whacko Birds At it Again”

  1. Doesn’t matter. From the response letters I got back from him he all but said he would vote for it. I’ve contacted him several times already.

    He needs to hear from us more, have his phone lines flooded but it won’t really sway him I bet.

  2. McCain will stand anywhere that will get him on camera with a smiling “journalist”.

  3. Anyone remember when that one Republican presidential candidate also named John McCain? What are the odds that the same Senate seat would go to a guy of the same name but the opposite party… Wait. Whut?

  4. I’m not sure why these bloggers here at SNBQ are completely giving the blackout treatment to any news about how Toomey is indeed selling us out. There have been several articles about it including one running right now in the WSJ, but the bloggers here are totally giving Toomey a free pass to sell us down the drain. They have not mentioned what he is doing at all.

    1. Maybe I didn’t make it clear that I’m running a bit behind in the two posts I’ve done saying I’m running a bit behind.

    2. Oh my God, you have TOTALLY figured out that we’re totally in on the gun control conspiracy because we didn’t write one post on a specific topic YOU personally wanted at the moment YOU personally wanted it. I mean, my Lord, it’s not like spending all weekend dealing with a potentially flooding basement or practically moving in to the local home improvement stores because we’re fixing so many issues with our freakin’ house is an excuse not to serve YOU personally exactly when YOU demand posts. Clearly, we are unreasonable in our expectations that we might be able to live our real lives as we see fit.

      Here’s a tip: If *you* want posts written on your favorite topics according to your preferred timing, start your own blog. Or, conversely, if you expect us to do it, then we’ll be happy to arrange a system where you can pay our favorite contractor directly to do all the home repairs we’ve been tied up with since Friday night.

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