Connecticut Governor Malloy Calling for Confiscation

From the Governor’s press statement:

I have been clear for weeks that a ban on the possession and sale of high capacity magazines is an important part of our effort to prevent gun violence – simply banning their sale moving forward would not be an effective solution.

But remember, we’re paranoid nuts for thinking they want to come and take them!

UPDATE: Looks like registration. Well, makes sense. First you have to know where they are. I wonder if anyone told the Democrats that magazines, because they are boxes with springs, don’t have serial numbers.

18 Responses to “Connecticut Governor Malloy Calling for Confiscation”

  1. Pyrotek85 says:

    It’s just our magazines, it’s not like they’ll want more the next time.

  2. David says:

    Let them talk. They more they talk the less their “common sense” “reasonable” “gun safety” are supported and the stronger the opposition becomes.

  3. Patrick H says:

    They lied about not wanting to come for our guns?!?! I’M SHOCKED!

  4. DevsAdvocate says:

    Where does he actually call for confiscation…?

  5. Sebastian,

    Thanks for jumping on this one. I wrote about it as well, with bold emphasis for clarification. Ha!

  6. Bubblehead Les says:

    Sounds to me like this Politician whose Anti-Gun Laws were an EPIC FAIL in stopping the Newtown Slaughter (just like ALL Anti-Gun Laws are useless against Criminals) is trying to Dodge his Responsibility for the Massacre by making Confiscation a reality.

    And yes, as the Top Man in Connecticut, he could have pushed for a better Mental Health Check System, Mandatory Minimum Sentencing for Gun Crimes, etc. But like ALL the VolksRepubliks out there, the Political Leadership of those States refuse to deal with the Facts and go for more Draconian measures.

    That’ll be SURE to get him the “Clinger” Vote in the 2016 Presidential Race, eh?

  7. Sigivald says:

    My anti-gun people on Facebook keep assuring me “Nobody” wants to take anyone’s guns.

    Must be the “Nobody” from the Family Circus strips, then, because “Somebody” keeps saying that aloud before the smarter ones can shush ’em.

  8. Brad says:

    And once again notice the deafening silence of the snakes who are for “reasonable” gun-control, and who “respect” 2nd Amendment rights. How interesting that they never ever say one word in opposition to any real world gun-control law or bill no matter how extreme or how destructive that gun-control is. And those snakes dare to damn us as extremists!

  9. Sebastian,

    Wednesday CT is going to vote on some of the harshest gun control laws in the Nation. See here:

    This is getting out-of-control. These people have no idea what they are demanding. Hitler and Mussolini would be proud.

  10. Gunnutmegger says:

    One would have to be a proctologist to be surrounded by as many assholes as I am here in CT.

  11. Ken Rihanek says:

    More than 150 shell casings were recovered. The Newtown gunman reloaded at least 4 times. I don’t see the logic in someone could have taken him down when they had 4 or 5 chances during his reloads and it never happened. None of their “answers” are solutions. This was an intelligent individual that planned his attack in advance. The only solution to this specific case is someone else with a gun already in the school at the time of the attack.

  12. CT “leaders” I hold responsible for this fascist gun control push. Molon Labe, indeed.


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