3 thoughts on “This Speaks for Many of Us”

  1. This is one of the greatest “concerned citizen” videos I’ve seen yet. He speaks plainly, to the point, demands a response of our elected officials. Wish we had a lot more like him to testify…

  2. I’ll use the excuse that this thread is about “communication” to lead into the following; speaking of “how well we’re heard.”

    I wrote to everyone in government here in Pennsylvania, back in December. Some I have repeated since then. Until today, I had received but two replies. Today I received the third. It was from the governor’s (Corbett’s) office.

    First let me say all of my letters have been word processed and were crystal clear.

    It was addressed to “Ms.” Just to be clear, I’m a guy. “Andrew” is clearly (?) masculine. My surname was misspelled. The content of the long, form letter tap-danced all over the map, and even dragged in privatization of liquor stores. I have to admit that it did appear to acknowledge that I had written about gun control, but it clearly was a uni-position letter. It could as easily have gone out to someone demanding gun control, as to someone unequivocally opposing it.

    The waffling I expected. The lack of attention to detail, I did not — even though I have seen that too often before.

    I remain not encouraged at how seriously we are taken. Especially by our “friends.”

    1. Just to clarify (if that is necessary) what I meant by the above, if the governor’s office has interning monkeys who can’t read, spell, of operate a keyboard, processing our opinions, it is hard to believe that our opinions mean very much to the governor. But then, I guess I never really expected them to.

      Hope powered by delusion springs infernal in the human breast. . .

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