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Been a bit out of band this evening, attending an legislative meeting of a local gun rights group that’s popped into existence post-Newtown. They are called Concerned Gun Owners of Bucks County. They are just establishing themselves, and like any group just getting started are experiencing some growing pains, but I hope they will continue to grow and be successful. They are turning out 300+ people to monthly meetings, and local politicians are paying attention. The people we’ve spoken with on the legislative side are sharp, and with good communication skills, who are dedicated to making a local, single-issue grassroots organization.

Bitter and I are offering them help where we can offer it. We’ve long had a lot of ideas and thoughts about things that could work on the local level for years, but haven’t had a whole lot of success with organizing down to the grassroots level, since, to be honest, we’re both more comfortable in front of a computer screen than going forth in the community and making connections. It is our hope that this group can take some of those ideas and put them to work in practice.

Local action is going to be especially important given the resources that Bloomberg is dumping into Pennsylvania and other states. I’ve gotten word that MAIG is currently in a hiring frenzy, putting paid staffers into key states to continuously chip away at our rights while the rest of us are at work or otherwise trying to earn our livings, raise families, etc. There’s also the millions of Bloomberg bucks that are being dumped into advertising, even if it’s obvious that no one involved in these ads knows the first thing about guns or gun safety. No matter how things come out in the next few weeks, this battle is going to continue. Bloomberg is counting on the billions he has at his disposal wearing us down.

I don’t intend to be worn down, and I hope you won’t either. Just beating this guy isn’t enough for me. My goal is to eventually be able to legally carry a firearm of my choice in the City of New York, whether walking in front of City Hall or Gracie Mansion, and for there to be not a damned thing the Mayor or anyone else can do about it. I’m done with the idea of there being two Americas when it comes to guns. The Second Amendment applies to Chicago as much as Cheyenne, and to New York as much as it does Nashville.

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  1. “even if it’s obvious that no one involved in these ads knows the first thing about guns or gun safety.”

    Its far less obvious than it should be for the general public. :(

    1. Ignorance is the gun banner’s best friend.

      That’s why they focus on putting the biggest hurdles on people *becoming* gun owners. Why they focus on potrayals of safe gun handling. Why they scream whenever gun safety is taught.

      People who don’t have first hand experience with a subject have, by definition, less knowlege on said subject. And are thus more suceptible to emotional influence on said subject.

      1. This probably also explains why firearm training and education has been removed from public schools too. They WANT ignorance of the subject.

  2. I have not attended any new, local group meetings, because frankly I’ve outgrown “groups,” and therefor legitimate groups are better off without me.

    Let me say the following, possibly to demonstrate why: Watch out for the past/other affiliations of the opinion leaders in these groups. Frankly, if 2014 rolls around and the group has any agenda other than “elect a straight ticket of Republican candidates” (including those who supported Gun Control Lite) or “elect these solidly social conservative/godly candidates” I will be very, very surprised. Happy, but surprised.

    Keep asking where their money is coming from, and watch for any patterns that emerge in terms of guest speakers invited, etc., etc., etc.

  3. Like I overheard a street prostitute say, “I encourage local action!”

    (That was a joke. She actually said, “What!? You is Five-Oh?”)

    Okay, so…local grassroots organizations. Love ’em. The liberals believe falsely that they have the market cornered on such activities (since they are basically unemployed and have no responsibilities to speak of) but I know when committed Constitutionists assemble and network, it is a beautiful thing.

    All the best to CGOBC!

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