Day 1 – Rain + Mesquite = No Fire

The first night we were in Texas, after a heavy rain the night before, we tried to make a fire. Turns our mesquite doesn’t burn too well when it’s wet and so is everything around it. This video is pure blackness, which I found amusing for some reason. At least we didn’t get the part on film where Carrie was questioning my manhood for not being able to get a fire going ;) [googlevideo][/googlevideo]
Bitter is taking the video and is the loudest voice on the movie. The male voice is obviously me. The Texas accented female voice is Carrie’s mom. The non-southern accent voice is Carrie. The end of result of a cup of diesel fuel:
Once the diesel burnt off, nothing. But fortunately, I managed to redeem my manhood in the eyes of the ladies present the following night when got the fire going finally. Things just needed another day to dry out:
It was a nice fire. And that night, you could see every star in the sky, and the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy. Priceless. You just don’t see things like that near a city.

2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Rain + Mesquite = No Fire”

  1. “use the kerosene to light a thing, and then throw the thing in the thing”…
    believe it or not, I was valedictorian of my high school

  2. I hope you saved some mesquite chips. Nothing improves the taste of a backyard bar-b-cue like some soaked mesquite smoking on the coals.

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