Will He? Won’t He?

If there’s one thing to say about the press, you never know what to believe when it comes to what kind of spin they may want to add to the White House’s comments.

No Lawyers – Only Guns & Money highlights a report from Politico that shows WH spokesman Jay Carney sounding like the semi-auto rifle ban is a priority for the President who demands swift action. But then you read the Washington Post account and they tell Dianne Feinstein not to hold her breath because Carney apparently explicitly refused to say that Obama would lean on moderate Democrats to find the votes for her gun ban.

Certainly, the bigger threat is in the bill masquerading as “background checks.” But, it’s clear that there’s still an agenda out there for pushing the gun ban.

3 thoughts on “Will He? Won’t He?”

  1. We aren’t stupid. All of my contacts to reps have been about this bad S374 bill. That’s the real danger.

  2. I think at this point the AWB is just a show for anti-gun constituents (and deep pocketed antis) in deep blue states.

    I’m curious to see if a mag limit bill gets its own legs.

  3. He’s been spamming people who have signed any white house petition with his mag ban, scary gun ban, and private sale ban, hat trick dream.

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