Bloomberg’s Prohibitionist Side is Showing

Mike Bloomberg’s group, MAIG, tells the public that they just want to do things like mandate background checks for all gun transfers. That sounds harmless enough, but then their graphics department creates “scare graphics” to remind people that guns are everywhere and even they live near a gun shop!


It seems as though MAIG wants to promote commercial-only gun sales, yet then they turn around and use scary-looking graphics to remind anti-gun Americans that guns are lurking nearby. They try to tell us that we should only buy from gun shops, but they try to scare the low information voters with the number of FFLs in the country. If this graphic wasn’t meant to be scary, then it would say at the bottom something along the lines of, “So tell those Bible-thumping, second grade dropout rednecks to get their fat asses to their local gun shop when they want to pass that gun on to Toothless Billy Ray.”*

*While not actual language Bloomberg would say in public, it may represent what is actually going through his head.

15 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Prohibitionist Side is Showing”

  1. Fraud. I don’t live within 10 miles of an active gun dealer. There are two FFLs listed for my city, but one is convalescent and the other only does transfers on weekends.

    The closest real FFL is a pawnshop. After that, Dick’s (but they don’t sell guns anymore), then Walmart.

    I’d like to see a counterpoint ad, just marking Walmart in a different color.

  2. I’m surprised he doesn’t also have a similar map for places you can get a large soft drink.

  3. Looks like there’s a big blank spot upper right where Maine’s getting shortchanged.

    Anyhow, the point is the word “dealer”. It’s meant to sound like “drug dealer”.

    Oh, also LOVE > FEAR. Except when you fear those scary gun-humpin’ rednecks who I SWEAR TO GOD THEY’RE GONNA GET YOUR KIDS WOULD YOU WANT YOUR SISTER TO MARRY ONE? WELL WOULD YOU? Then fear’s pretty cool, it turns out.

  4. To answer the banner’s question: Not Enough.

    I want the kitchen-table FFLs back.

    (But then, I “want” the Gun Control Act repealed, so hey…)

  5. All I can think about is the people living in those yellow patches…

    Can you imagine how hard it would be for them to buy a gun if that idiotic “universal private-property-meddling” bill were to pass?

    Thanks, Bloomy, for illustrating the need to keep private transfers SAFE AND LEGAL.

    1. Some of those yellow patches are largely uninhabited. For example, there’s a small yellow patch in one corner of Pennsylvania. That’s largely a national forest.

  6. I’m sure this is just to illustrate how convenient it will be to get to an FFL once they criminalize private transfers. They are only after ILLEGAL guns after all.

  7. I want the Wal-Mart map. Because it means that x% of Americans live within 10 miles of a place that sells THE COMPONENTS REQUIRED TO MAKE A POISON GAS THAT KILLED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS DURING WORLD WAR I!

  8. One would have to be a paranoid lunatic to be afraid of having a Federally licensed gun dealer within 10 miles.

    oh wait, what was I thinking.

  9. Oh no, somewhere within 314 square miles is a gun store! What will I do?

  10. The whole intent, as always, is to stigmatize gun ownership, to make it something “no respectable human being” would do.

    The Left’s main weapons are public culture and social attitudes. This prepares the battlefield for political victories. The Left has have made enormous inroads in this, using their friends in the media and refashioning school curriculums to program children from kindergarten up. (That’s “program” as in what cults do.)

    They’re spent the last 100 years promoting these ideas. Uprooting them will be the work of one or two generations at a minimum. Keep your eyes on the prize, and never slacken the efforts.

    Contact your representive and senators today.

    1. /headscratch

      Soooo, I see this map full of FFL’s. FFL’s run a business Perhaps in conjunction with other things, like Walmart, or smaller-enterprises like kitchen table FFLs, but still. Judging by the amount of blue, there’s a lot of business available and therefore most of the US is filled with non-respectable human beings. That’s a real winner of a strategy of theirs.

      If they are including C&R in their map, then it’s just wrong.

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