Private Transfer Ban Heads to Senate Floor

This was to be expected, given the makeup of the committee. Passed with all 10 Democrats voting in favor, and all 8 Republicans voting against. These do not look to me like the votes of a party planning to sell us out. I think if we keep the pressure on, we can stop this crap. Most of those Democrats are very safe, though it still amazes Vermonters tolerate Leahy. Given the level of gun ownership in that state, can’t they find some gun-loving, whacky, anti-corporatist anarcho-lefty to run against him in a primary? Vermont is a strange, strange place, with strange, strange politics, but I think you should be able to gin up some anti-establishment sentiment among their voting public.

Also, it looks like the Feinstein gun ban is pushed off until Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Private Transfer Ban Heads to Senate Floor”

  1. Leahy is very good for the state. And, knows the politics well. If this ever became an issue, he’d simply point out that by staying on as chair he was able to ensure the more egregious bills werent passed out of committee. And, of course, I’m still somewhat doubtful this ever comes up for a vote in the Senate.

    Interestingly, last night at the Jim “I beat Women and 8 year old children, but your the violent ones” Moran’s Gun-ban Love Fest, Bloomberg’s lobbyists claimed this was a common sense measure that passed with bipartisan support.

  2. “. . .a party planning to sell us out.”

    It’s as simple as convincing them they have more votes to lose than to gain, by selling us out. That’s why our communications with them should be such that they make them very, very nervous, and not give the impression we’re inclined to stand still for anything.

    We should also not give the impression we are allowing any organization to provide our opinions for us; implying such organization would be able to provide sufficient cover for their sell-outs in the future. “We will remember” should be our constant message.

  3. I don’t think this will pass the senate, Boehner would likely not allow it to be brought to the house floor, or it would die a quick death in committee. It would be nice if Vermont would send someone to the senate a little less whacko, but that may be too much to hope hope for.

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