Common Use

The AR-15 represents 60% of civilian rifle sales. It’s funny, because for a second I thought the Courant was defending Dave Hardy, but it’s a different Hardy. The Court opened the door to a particular standard for dealing with gun bans, and I’m sincerely hoping they are willing to actually walk through it when these issues get to the Supreme Court.

3 Responses to “Common Use”

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Well, as a 40%er, one should remember that when Clint needed to get those Kids off his Yard, he used a GARAND! ; )

    • [sarc]I know, such overkill right? He should have just listened to bobble head Joe and shot both shots off his balcony or through the front door![/sarc]

  2. ACSG says:

    Wow. The article managed to quote Sweet Cheeks Sugarmann at some length and still generally conclude honestly and somewhat positively for ARs.