Arizona Vetoes

Janet Napolitano has vetoed two more pro-gun bills, after saying she would sign one of them and then changing her mind.  My fear is that with 2008 looking increasingly like a blow out for Democrats, many anti-gun Democrats will begin showing their true colors, knowing that the gun vote won’t necessarily overcome the tidal wave of pro-Democrat sentiment.

8 thoughts on “Arizona Vetoes”

  1. Do you define tidal wave of sentiment as the braying of the Kos Kiddies or the whinning of the DU cretins? Just asking.

  2. I define tidal wave as the polling data which shows the Republicans are going to be decimated in 2008 in Congress and possibly the White House.

  3. If Obama and the Democrats take the government its all over.

    If Obama only takes the White House you can breathe a sign of relief.

    If McCain takes the White House we’re all fucked, even if he does manage to protect our rights, I don’t want another Bush clone sitting in the Oval Office.

  4. Where, using anyone’s math, do the Democrats not take a bigger lead in Congress? In other words, your option two ain’t happenin’, AntiCitizen.

  5. You mean the polls that report Obama 15 points ahead of McCain. Care to spot me that?

    Perhaps you refer to the same polls that put Kerry that much ahead of Bush in 2004 at this time? Or maybe the ones that reported Mondale ahead of Reagan in 1984.

    Ah yes let us all knee to the polls. The same ones that did such an outstanding job in 1994.

    I prefer to use experience, past results, and some reason rather than to cite “polls.”

    But then again I’m sure you’ll spot me that 15 point lead. Or explain to us how a Democratic Congress manages to get a 9% approval rating and will grow stronger. By the way I have some great beach front property in Utah that might interest you.

  6. I’m not talking pure polls, I’m talking serious seat analysis. Looking at the seats actually up for grabs, not just saying, “Well, Congress as a whole has a low approval rating! SEE!!!!!”

    Historically, people have thought relatively little of Congress, but they still vote for their Congressmen.

    Given that, let’s see your seat-by-seat breakdown that shows the GOP taking back Congress. Not even the RNC believes it can be done.

  7. You can’t take people’s view of the institution, and think that will translate into how people vote for their local congress critter. People aren’t rational in how they vote. Not at all. And yes, I think the Obama being ahead right now says little about the election in the fall, but it’s someone for McCain’s people to worry about.

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