Going Overboard on a Single Issue

In a world of politics where it’s rare to see a candidate take a strong stand on any position and actually mean it, I suppose that I should find Joe Hoeffel’s dedication to abortion admirable – at least as a matter of not being afraid to be clear on his positions. But for a guy who wants to win a state that’s more of a purple shade of blue rather than bright blue, you’d think he would have figured out that his enthusiasm for a controversial issue isn’t exactly going to win him many votes.

Most pro-choicers I know are not ardent pro-choice advocates. While they are unlikely to vote for a candidate who wants to ban all abortions, they are also not likely to carry water for those who take a Kang-like dedication to “abortions for all.”

So I really have to wonder exactly what Hoeffel’s strategy on this issue is for his race for governor. He can’t possibly think there’s a constituency for it. The abortion issue and related links made up 28 of his last 60 tweets. I can’t fathom anyone who actually thinks that abortion is such an important issue today that it justifies nearly 50% of a campaign’s social media outreach. There are no big controversial abortion bills on the floor of either the state legislature or Congress. Even if he survives the Democratic primary, there’s really nothing the next governor will be able to do for either side of the issue. Hoeffel has just gone nuts on this non-issue, and I can’t fathom whose votes he believes it will win. At this rate, I fully expect him to show up at the next campaign stop with a Planned Parenthood abortion pride t-shirt on.

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