The White House Won’t Give Up

According to this article, Joe Biden is now calling state lawmakers in Minnesota to get a feel for pushing their anti-gun bills.

After Harry Reid indicated that he couldn’t even find 40 votes for Dianne Feinstein’s gun ban under the most optimistic scenarios, the White House came out and insisted they will push for a vote, at least as an amendment, and that they will try to go find the votes for Harry.

I warned gun owners not to write off the fact that Obama put Joe Biden in charge of passing gun control. So many people laughed about it and said that it meant Obama saw the whole issue as a joke. Yet, look what happened when they put the weight of the White House behind the issue in Colorado. Supplemented with Bloomberg’s money, lawmakers cave.

That said, I believe the real threat is in the so-called background check bill at the federal level. Regardless, I don’t believe that we should be telling people the gun ban is dead. It’s not. When the people who are engaged with the issue over the fear of the ban drop out, we’re less powerful.

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  1. Maybe there is a new agenda for gun control. Save the Senate and push it at the state level. It seem to me to focus is on the state houses, where the NRA has to fight 20 different battles and spend 20x the amount to fight the fights. What we do next in CO is the key. If recalls are successful and repeal questions make it on the ballot, gun control will become toxic in the remaining states where gun control might be considered. In addition to fighting the threats, we have to punish those who did vote for gun control. We have to send a message that a vote for gun control can put you out of a job.

    1. David:

      I wish you would send this statement to every public website in Colorado

  2. You should know the idea of banning guns is NEVER dead. Just pushed to the back burner for a while between attempts.

  3. Sorry, totally unrelated to this post:

    I follow your blog because it is freaking amazing. You are an invaluable resource to the Second Amendment battle we have and to providing salient articles for inspiration.

    Thanks. Seriously, thank you. I’m glad I found your blog.

    Donald Borsch Jr.
    WR2A- Bethel, CT

  4. The background check bill is very dangerous, given the language Bloomberg’s criminal MAIG is pushing.

  5. The WH definitely put big time pressure on Colorado. Magpul is saying that they’ve promised Gov. Hickenlooper a cabinet position if he doesn’t get reelected — in any case he seems to have his eye on national politics, and it scares me most that he’s decided being governor gun control is OK for that.

    On the bright side, we killed the defacto AWB here in Colorado and also the serious limitation on CCW. They weren’t willing to cross either of those lines, even with all the WH push.

    I don’t think a recall effort is worthwhile here, as most of the players will be up for election in 2014 anyway. It’d be great to do a recall and win, but unlikely given the requirements.

    I think the real goals in Colorado were to:
    1. Show Congress that gun control can pass in the West. I don’t think this worked well because gun owners have been incensed and active and anyone who follows the issues knows we’ve given the Democratic gun grabbers hell. Not a lot of momentum built there for the National level. Everyone who follows knows the Democrats passed these bills in spite of public reaction, not because of it. And we proved that the self defense argument works (defeated CCW ban on campuses)
    2. Show that democrats who vote for gun control survive their next election. To disprove that, we’ve got to vote these idiots out next election. Hickenlooper will be the tough one — he’s pretty popular in general. And gerrmandering won’t make any of them easy to displace.

    Interesting times. If we can’t turn elections anymore the people who want our guns will be relentless. The leaders of the anti-gun movement care about nothing but taking them away, and I’d say that includes a few high-ranking politicians. Like the POTUS.

  6. On the bright side though … I think that if we can hold the line in most states, and punish the anti-gunners in Colorado (by turning the state Red for an election )and other non-NY states where they attacked us … I think this will be the anti-gunners waterloo/last stand, not ours. As I think Sebastian stated at the beginning of this war against us.

  7. The lawmakers in CO didn’t cave. They were always that way. They saw their opportunity with total control and they took it.

    1. That is consistent with my longtime theory that gun owners are a constituency the Republican Party would love to be rid of, but has never quite had the opportunity, yet. They have always been bigger on “enforce existing laws” rhetoric than on any actual action to recover the RKBA. We may see that played out in microcosm at the level of the states. If they survive this relatively unscathed, they may ignore us in the future with relative impunity.

      On the other hand, the way they’re scratching for support among other groups they formerly spurned, we may be safer than ever. Very likely we are going to see different scenarios evolve in different states.

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