Quote of the Day

Actually, of a few days ago, but I’ve been meaning to use this for about that long. Jim Geraghty writes:

Our political culture and our popular culture are the one-two punch contending that you, ordinary American, going to work or looking for work or looking for better work and just taking care of your families, have somehow become the root of the biggest problems facing the country. It’s your fault.

Kind of feels that way, doesn’t it? As the article goes on to state, this is why David Gregory can get away with breaking the law, but you can’t. David Gregory isn’t the problem. You’re the problem, so it’s time to learn your place, serf.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Actually we are the problem.

    We keep voting these idiot into office and keep them there. We also keep supporting the various media that insults us and lies to us. We keep buying products advertised on said media.

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