GOP Regret?

Looks like the Republicans are regretting their sellout in New York. I guess they figured there were votes there they could use after all! What a bunch of weasels. The Republicans in New York have one way they can make it up to gun owners. No fixes, no adjustments: repeal.

5 Responses to “GOP Regret?”

  1. mike123 says:

    AMEN! There is no forgiveness on this issue. Full Repeal plus some!

    No “better than you” exemptions.

    The Republicans need to repeal the entire bill plus an existing gun control measure for redemption. Otherwise, adios!

  2. DevsAdvocate says:

    Wow… I didn’t realize the GOP had a majority in NY State Senate… how the hell did the SAFE ACT get passed?

  3. Bill Twist says:

    The Republicans only barely control the NYS Senate. See:

    The Republicans are actually in a minority, except that 1 Democrat and 5 “Independent Democrats” caucus with them.

    Also, while no one wants repeal more than I, I’m afraid that unless things drastically change, it’s a one-way legislative ratchet. They only needed a few Republicans to vote for it for passage in the Senate, but even if the Senate introduces and passes a repeal, it’s not going to pass the Assembly, and even if it did, I can’t see it passing by enough to overcome a gubernatorial veto, which is what Cuomo will do.

    The only viable way I can see to get it repealed is through the courts.

  4. Lamont says:

    Doesn’t matter, most of them are done no matter what they do.

  5. Matt says:

    I seriously hope that every single Republican who voted for SAFE gets voted out of office in 2014.