Zero Tolerance, Zero Brains

Apparently a kid who stopped a school shooting on a bus in Florida by disarming the gunman has been suspended instead of given a medal. At the gun show on Saturday I had an old guy tell me how he used to keep a shotgun in his locker at school to hit the fields after school, and no one ever thought anything of it. We’ve gone from that to this. We talk about winning the cultural war, but I think it’s more that we’ve only just begun reversing decades of damage. The old guy thought the reason was that the media sensationalizes everything, so everyone is scared to death of the idea of guns and schools. I tend to agree, and it makes me wonder if the death of mass media wouldn’t be a good thing for liberty in this country. Reading about things weeks after they happen is a lot less frightening than the 24×7 news cycle. Obviously, we’re never going back to that world, but we haven’t exactly missed cable news when we cut the cord. We find out about breaking news just fine.

4 thoughts on “Zero Tolerance, Zero Brains”

  1. Oddly enough, after my wife and I got rid of cable soon after our son was born, we started feeling better. Not having CNN/Fox/MSNBC available 24/7 to watch when “nothing else is on” made us happier. We still find out about stuff online, but it’s not like there is a pressing need for the need to fill all that airtime on the web.

  2. In the cultural war, it’s clear that the Left, using its dominance in the media, education, and culture, is bending every effort to delegitimize firearms. To make them socially and culturally unacceptable in society.

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