Attacking the NRA by Attacking Discounts

Unfortunately, the left has made a machine that is very good at intimidating companies, most of whom are loathe negative attention. They are now turning it against the NRA:

Supporters of tighter restrictions on guns are deploying a new tactic: pressing companies such as Wyndham Worldwide Corp. (WYN) and Hertz Global Holdings Inc. (HTZ) to stop giving discounts to members of the National Rifle Association.

Web-based organizations with ties to, an advocacy group that backed President Barack Obama’s re-election, want to shrink the NRA’s membership by eliminating an incentive to join — cheaper hotel rooms and car rentals.

I don’t know any people who are members of NRA for the discounts. We’re not the AARP. They are nice to haves, but it won’t substantially weaken the NRA. Nonetheless, the Soros funded Obama sycophants at are still being pricks. This one is a particular middle finger extended right in our faces:

Cigna Corp. (CI), based in Bloomfield, Connecticut, also was asked to stop underwriting the NRA’s accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy for members.

They want to require insurance for gun owners, but then they are going to go after people who actually insure us? Do you need any more evidence that the motivation for all this is simply a hatred of gun owners?

We should probably add a little pressure of our own.

12 thoughts on “Attacking the NRA by Attacking Discounts”

    1. Agreed, in the years I’ve been an NRA member – I don’t actually think I’ve used any of the hotel or rental car discounts. I never think of it when I’m booking a trip.

      The middle finger really is the pressure on CIGNA to stop underwriting the AD&D policy. They don’t want you to be covered in case of an accident, but they want you to carry thousands in liability insurance since they view us as crazed and reckless maniacs.

      1. So on the one hand they are arguing we all need insurance, and on the other, they are pressuring insurance companies to not offer coverage? What dishonest scumbags.

        Of course, the insurance companies are driven by money. And if they go down the path of not insuring actions because of political reasons, then that is a very slippery slope indeed.

    2. Came to say this. Only thing I’m really aware of is the gun insurance thing and that’s because the NRA spams me about it all the time. If I wanted discounts there are probably better places to join. I think this is just further illustrating that they don’t understand us.

      1. I wonder who is backing the gun insurance. Cigna, as well as the AD&D?

        Anyway, most of these are public companies, and in the end they’ll simply weigh the risks against opportunities. It may be that the take rate on the discounts is poor enough that they lose little by discontinuing them. Have no numbers to reference.

    3. You’re not.
      Have been a member for decades now, never have used the discounts…..

      And HOPE to never use the insurance either!

  1. The opposition merely uses websites like AVAAZ to so this. You simply sign your name and email and it automatically shoots an email to the organization your protesting against.

    They’re all usually canned, and easy to do.

  2. Isn’t what MoveOn is doing illegal? IANAL, but the phrase “tortious interference” comes to mind.

  3. I wasn’t aware of the Hertz discounts. Thanks! And, I spend a lot of money at Hertz. So far this year, I’ve rented cars from them on 9 different occaisions. I haven’t had a chance to subnit an expense report yet, but I owuldn’t be surprised to find I had already spent $3k-4k on car rentals.

    Which means, my phone call to Hertz Gold Club’s Presidential Circle customer service is likely to count slightly more than the ramblings of a crazy commie mommie.

    I hope

    1. Go for it.
      Last time I had a rental was after our motor home was totaled in a crash and the insurance paid for a rental van to go and clear out our personal belongings from it. 15 years ago?

      So on a financial basis I’m non existent to them!

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