The Grassroots Support for Gun Control

Compare this rally in Eugene Oregon, put on by CeaseFire Oregon, to the one in Doylestown this weekend. No one outside the media and the Democratic Party leadership are clamoring for gun control right now. This is a deep blue state in a highly liberal city, and this is the best they could come up with? I see larger gatherings of gun owners on a regular basis around here.

UPDATE More from that rally in Oregon. They don’t even have any idea what they are supporting:

UPDATE: Also, what’s with the dressing all in white and going by the name Baldr Odinson in real life? I mean, I get pen names, since I use one and all, but any of my activities in real life happen under my real name. Does he think he’s some kind of superhero? I’m probably the last person who should be calling anyone a nerd, but, dude, you take the cake.

8 thoughts on “The Grassroots Support for Gun Control”

  1. These two folks are kinder than some of the anti-gun folks that showed up in Harrisburg from CeaseFire PA, but in other ways they remind me of the same sort of person who goes to an anti-gun rally. BTW how many were actually there? I didn’t see any signs of human activity anywhere near where this lady was speaking.

  2. Well, that’s nice that she is going to read it now…

    Apart from the warrantless searches, this bill has confiscation of all legally owned “assault weapons” beyond your first one. I’m sure she’ll oppose that too, since she said so in her speech.

  3. No, not a superhero. Superheroes rarely (if ever) acknowledge that they are acquainted their alter-egos, and vice versa.

    Last I checked, Jason Kilgore and Baldr Odinson each have their own Facebook pages, and “Like” each other’s posts constantly. No matter how extreme, there will always be at least one devoted follower to anything either of them “says”.*

    It’s astroturfing, plain and simple.

    (* – Although, he may have a “Tony-Stark-Iron-Man” complex, where he openly admits he’s the guy behind the mask, but that still doesn’t explain why the two personalities “Like” each other so much.)

  4. Sometimes watching these people I feel as if my friggin head will explode. Really? This is what we are up against? This woman is a ridiculous fool.

  5. From what I remember of Scandinavian mythology, Baldur was a wimp and a momma’s boy. Maybe he does have the right “hero”.

  6. “I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.”


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