Left Attacking NRA Discounts

You know all those discounts we get as NRA members from hotels and rental cars? Apparently in the wake of Sandy Hook, those were attacked by the left. The Board is also not being considered off limits. These links are a bit old, but were ones I missed. I thought the left attacking NRA discounters was interesting enough to be worth a mention. They are attacking on all fronts. This isn’t any kind of probing action. These people mean to destroy us.

4 Responses to “Left Attacking NRA Discounts”

  1. The professional left and the leaders and staff of the gun prohibitionist groups should remember that those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.

  2. RAH says:

    Duh !! After all we meant to to destroy them so no surprise there.

  3. Sigivald says:

    They should go after AAA discounts, since cars kill so many people…

  4. Matthew Carberry says:

    I think they are seizing the moment in part out of desperation.

    Worst case they go to all this effort but can’t get Congress to do anything meaningful or really shift public opinion. I mean, we now have mainline anti-gun types finally revealing that they -do- in fact want actual bans and confiscation and thy -do- want to take “grandpa’s deer rifle.”

    If they fail I think they will have managed to awaken a broader swath of gun owners than ever before. That, along with some of the weird work arounds being proposed for the fiscal cliff and their refusal to talk spending cuts could hurt them in the 2014 mid-terms.

    The anti-gunners are now inextricably tied to the administration, which can no longer be defended as actually having “increased gun rights” via Obama’s previous bill signings, and the President may be forced to rely on Executive Orders, which will be seen as end runs around Congress and can be executively reversed by a new Pres.

    If the House Republicans can hold firm and the people respond positively for us this could set the stage for real reversals. I know I’ll be looking for statutory payback from my representatives. Hughes overturned, suppressors off list, nationwide reciprocity, the whole schmear.