We Have Come to This?

The left is basically tearing Bob Woodward to pieces, because, well, the White House asked them to, because he wrote a piece critical of the Administration’s position that the sequester is all the fault of the Republicans. I know what what has become of the journalism profession, but it is a very dark place they are in right now. The journalism profession is, in my opinion, the largest threat to the Republic currently. A sensible media, with strong values and a deep love and respect for our constitutional freedoms, would be circling the wagons around Woodward and ripping the White House to pieces. This is a sad spectacle for freedom.

8 thoughts on “We Have Come to This?”

  1. The Ministry of Truth must protect the Inner Party members from the ignorant Proles.

  2. MAJ, you are right. The Mainstream Media has long ago been corrupted by socialist editors and publishers who will stand by any liberal or socialist president. They have long a go thrown out the Constitution, and any ethics that they ever had, out the window.

  3. A sensible media, with strong values and a deep love and respect for our constitutional freedoms…

    Hasn’t existed in this country since at least my birth in 1970.

    1. Rob,

      Walter Cronkite killed it on February 28, 1968. I watched it live on the evening news…

  4. This is a pretty decent demonstration of why the demos needs to be armed. These reporters are made members of the coastal elite. If the administration is willing to treat them this way and stand by it after the fact, then what do they feel free to do to the rest of us?

  5. I was going to say it, but MAJMike beat me to it.

    The Administration has long been changing its stories (on many things) to fit the facts and claiming that they haven’t ever lied or been wrong, and the media has been playing along. In this day and age, with facts so freaking easy to check and verify, the “legitimate media” (Joe Biden’s words) is only losing credibility with the People when they carry the Administration’s water (H2O-bama, to coin a phrase).

  6. Would it be possible to link to Mr. Woodward’s article in question or provided the tittle of the piece? Searching for it and I want to make sure that I’m reading apples to apples.



  7. Got exactly zero sympathy/concern for poor put-upon Mr. Woodward. Just another gutless lib-writer who never met a lib politician he didn’t butt-kiss until today.

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