Sorry for Lack of Posting

One of our local communities, Lower Makefield, is misbehaving on gun rights. I’m planning to show up and to be prepared to speak on behalf of my club, who have many members in that township. They are preempted, so the potential for damage is minimal, but it’s a Republican and former state rep who’s the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and I don’t want the County GOP to start thinking they can push us around. If you live in the area, consider stopping by tonight at 7:30PM.

UPDATE: A good number of my fellow club members showed up, and early on the Township Board of Supervisors rescinded their earlier resolution supporting gun control, much to the disgust of the two anti-gun speakers present. Sometimes victory is sweet indeed. But more importantly, the message was sent.

7 thoughts on “Sorry for Lack of Posting”

  1. Sebastian did a good job with this, getting the word out.

    I let the team down by discovering I had an irrevocable prior engagement I’d forgotten about, so I didn’t make it. But, Sebastian is right about the need to show the flag, so I’m glad it worked out. We need to have Flying Columns that can do these things at a moment’s notice, and the ability to get the word out quickly.

    1. I wouldn’t say letting the team down. We all have to live normal lives. I didn’t get this out until Tuesday because I was knee deep in the Money Pit all weekend. We can’t all be everywhere, all the time, and I’ve certainly had to do my share of letting people down.

      1. sure would be easier to be political activists if we were all on welfare and public housing instead of working jobs and keeping our homes in good repair, huh?

        Ah well. Glad to see we got the local politicians back on a tight leash. Thanks for attending on behalf of those of us who were unable to.

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