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  1. Great job. Love this one:

    “This is really about assault rifles. There is no reason in the world why a law-abiding citizen should have an assault rifle with a magazine of 30 rounds,” Hovick said.

    Wow… the ignorance. And just what does this actually have to do with banning guns in public parks?

    1. They wanted a letter from the Township urging the local critter to support a ban. They were less enthused about doing that even before we showed up. I made sure to point out that their obfuscation in regards to “weapons of war,” where they were even bringing up grenades and other stupid shit. None of my statement made the papers, likely because I’m a) not a resident and b) left after the public comment period.

  2. But a few residents, including Ted Hovick, urged the supervisors to continue pushing for such a ban.

    There were two. Exactly two. Not a few. Not a handful. Two. They can’t handle the idea that pro-gun folks far outnumbered the anti-gun people, so they get upgraded from exactly two to “a few.” Meanwhile, gun owners are listed as “several” when they were easily 70% of the room. Several vs. a few when it was 2 people against at least 14 that I recalled. It’s a little harder to know an exact number from our side because it was clear by the 5th total (both sides) speaker that they were going to rescind, so people showed restraint and let them take the vote without eating up more time just for the sake of eating up more time. However, we have an idea of how many were there for the gun issue based on the groups they sat in and how many outright talked about being there because of the gun club email alert.

    1. Two is “a few”. Three would have been “many”. Ten would have been “tens”. Twelve would have been “dozens”.

      The press lies. It’s what they do.

  3. Westford confiscation? Yep, just one more bit of evidence to add to the growing pile, gun-control is really about gun-confiscation.

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