Colorado Magazine Ban, HB1224, Passes House

34-31, with all Republicans and 3 Democrats voting against it. Some of those Democrats who voted for it will be in tight districts, and this is was a tough vote for them. They need to be targeted in the next election. There is no room for sitting on the sidelines now. Now it’s time to take the fight to the Senate.

UPDATE from Bitter: The vote is the same for HB 1226, the ban on concealed carry by licensed individuals on college campuses.

18 thoughts on “Colorado Magazine Ban, HB1224, Passes House”

  1. the senate has already said they support it in full.

    look like by your logic were going to have massive gun control in may states that cannot and will not be stopped.

    1. You seem to want to believe that more than I do. It’s basically what Rydak said below. I mean, what do you want me to say? That’s gun control will never pass anywhere, and that we’ll never lose? Sorry, that’s not reality. The reality is when we fight, we win. When we don’t fight, we lose. We spent a lot of time not fighting, and this is the wages of that.

    2. Where have they said that? I’ve seen CO senate president says he supports it, but that doesnt mean it will pass. IIRC already 1 democrat has publicly said they are not supportive of the measures. if that is true all we need is 2 more.

      There is just no reason not to fight.

  2. 2013 is the year we heard from the Colorado Pols.
    2014 is the year we will hear from the Colorado Citizens.

    About as simple as that.

  3. All 4 bills passed, so what CO gets (if they pass the senate)…
    Decreased personal defense effectiveness, government monitoring of all firearms sales, a poll tax on firearms transfers, and disarmed/defenseless college campuses.

    But as Rep Fields said, this is just the start of an incremental approach to address gun violence…

  4. This is the problem New Englanders !@#$% up their states. Fled those to better states (ie: California, Florida, etc). And then !@#$% those up states and fled to others (ie: Nevada, Colorado, etc). They’ve already started to !@#$% those places. And are talking about places like Montana, etc.

    Seriously…it’s depressing.

    1. Eh… I don’t really like it when representatives treat constituents like that. Though I can’t say I don’t understand the sentiment.

      1. Yea, a bit harsh.. it could have been a lot more about western heritage built on independence and respect for the individuals rights.

      2. I agree, I’m not a big fan of that kind of behavior from lawmakers. Like it or not, they are elected officials who should at least be polite to voters.

        That said, like Sebastian, I can understand the sentiment. It’s not just about the gun issue, but her complaint about all those damn jobs created by the booming natural resources industry is just outrageous. It does sound like she needs to reconsider her choice of home because they certainly didn’t bother to do any kind of research into where they planned to move. (See, this is one way to structure a response that is polite, but still lets the recipient know that they are welcome to pack up and leave.)

  5. I actually liked his response. No one forced her to move with her family to one of the most conservative states in the union. She could have kept her liberal, fat behind right where it was. Just my opinion.

    1. Yeah, I kind of appreciate blunt honesty after all the noncommittal responses I received from my reps on new gun control items.

    2. I don’t think Wyoming residents and their representatives should be anything but blunt. The liberal plan from their neighbor to the south is clear, get a toe hold in a couple of places, change the make-up of the legislature and cram through legislation. What is happening in Colorado is not the desire of the people and especially the majority of the people who have been here more than a few years or are multigenerational, even Democrats. It would not take nearly as many people to relocate to change Wyoming. It happened here over maybe a decade.

  6. Well, I’m seeing a trend. If the Democrats have control of the State House and the Senate and the Governorship (or there’s a weak RINO), you’ll probably see Anti-gun Legislation passed. Or if they’ve had it for awhile, like Kalifornia and Maryland, it’ll get worse. And it is being orchestrated by the Obama Regime. And I’m seeing Dems that were NRA A+B rated Voting FOR more Gun Control.

    So it looks like the days of the “Moderate Democrat” are Gone, and Party Loyalty is the Determining Factor. If they got the Votes , they’re going for it.

    1. Maybe I’m wrong, but at least my perception is that pro-gun Democrats have nothing to gain by taking a stand when the party gets a gun-control bee in its bonnet. They’ll get no (or not nearly enough) support from the NRA – whose membership, and again I could be wrong, seems to treat the organization as an appendage of the GOP – no matter how pro-gun they are, and certainly not enough support from republicans to offset the entire party machine being turned against them.

      It’s like what Sebastian (or Bitter?) has already said about positive reinforcement. Though I’d argue it’s even more important for pro-gun democrat politicians to receive it from all of us. Because the Obama/Bloomberg machine is already being turned against Democrats who don’t support bans. I’d bet those 3 democrats who voted against the mag ban are in big trouble now.

      Too much of what I’ve seen has been “the Dems doubling-down on gun control will be good for the GOP in 2014.” Excuse me for saying, but where does that leave the rest of us? Do you really think the Republicans we elect in their place will roll back gun control, only to be made one-term politicians courtesy of Bloomberg’s money machine?

  7. Here is what happened in CO. There was this guy, Al Yates, retired President of CSU. He convinced a group of local leftist billionaires-Tim Gill who at least had the virtue of making his own money, Pat Stryker, a heiress, and Jared Polis, somewhere in between, that they could take over the state. They started out targeting individual Republican legislators with massive spending. They had a great deal of success and then moved on to bigger game. Couple this with an especially clueless Republican establishment who never knew how to deal with this. In 2010, they pushed a couple of RINOs for governor and Senator. Both lost their primaries. The winner in the Senator race was a good candidate. The winner in the Governor race was a loser. This provoked an entry by Tom Tancredo as an independent. Since he was anathema to Hispanics, they had a big turnout and while they were there voted for the Dem Senator as well. All downhill from there. All politics is local. Unfortunately, as Sebastian is wont to remind us, the consequences aren’t.

  8. See what happens when your state is invaded by Lib-Cong and get Californicated?

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