Colorado Legislation

It looks like Colorado is ready to send multiple companies packing. They took a preliminary voice vote on the magazine ban after 6 hours of debate today. According to the article there could either be a roll call vote later today or they may vote on Monday.

In addition to Magpul planning a departure – with all of its jobs – from Colorado, the press notes that Denver-based Alfred Manufacturing made a similar announcement today. The Democrats pushing the bill didn’t want to hear it and pressed on.

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  1. My count was that only 2 Dems were going to vote against it. The voice vote was a joke, though.

  2. any chance this gets stopped in the senate? I remember reading something that atleast one D is against the magazine ban. If that is the case all we would need is 2 more

  3. Biden is at the Capital in CO now, telling Dems to keep pushing on taking away the freedoms.


  5. A state wants to pass stupid gun laws fine, make sure their cops can’t buy it either. No more special treatment for the cops, legislators, etc. No exemptions.

  6. The real vote is on Monday, but it’s a done deal. The magazine ban is reality(doubtful they would pass it in the house if they weren’t sure of the senate) and the Dems could care less what we do to protest it — they’ve put down their bet that we can’t hurt them, or that the losses are worth it in some manner, and we’ll see how it plays. I doubt we’ll beat any of the 4 measures, personally, so let’s hope (and work to make sure) Coloradans vote these bums out next year.

    A recall sounds nice, but in Colorado 1/2 the senate and all the house runs for reelection every other year anyway. And the Governor has to run for reelection as well next time. That will come just about as fast as we could make a recall happen, and recalls are damned hard.

    If we take back both houses and the governorship next year we may not get the jobs back, but we should be able to rescind these stupid and meaningless laws. And teach the Dems a serious lesson.

    The only thing worse is if they decide to enact an actual AWB. But of course the Dem party overall is hoping to get some momentum in Western states like Colorado and New Mexico and then do that heavy lifting at the Federal level. Colorado will be quite a feather in their cap, and I imagine that Biden is offering some nice prizes to those that vote with him if they get voted out next year. The Obama team is nothing if not organized for down and dirty politics that they know how to play at multiple levels.

    On the bright side … if Colorado does show it’s pro-liberty colors next year and votes Dems out and Obama fails to get all the crap he wants because the US House holds strong … we will be in an excellent position next year to do some positive things. Gun laws used to be (before today) really good in this state, but they can always be better.

    Hoping for the best, panic buying for the worst (I’ve got to get some 25 round Ruger mags for my girl’s 10/22’s before they’re too dangerous to own).

    1. BTW — the problem with voting them out is that the Dems did some aggressive gerrymandering last year to make sure Republican’s didn’t have much of a voice (not that Republican’s don’t do the same when they can, of course). Just that much more heavy lifting. *sigh*

  7. A sad day. I was not aware that Colorado had changed so much in the years since Bush and Allard could win there fairly easily. Oh well, another blue state I will never set foot in.

  8. Me and my friends will no longer be hunting in that state after 20 some years.Since they have idiots running their laws and the people seem to have no say..

  9. I’ve spent ~$15K in Colorado and with Colorado based businesses in the last few years. I was planning another trip. I felt awful about the Waldo Canyon fire and donated to relief efforts.

    No more, all trips and business are off. Colorado is dead to me, except in the sense of supporting partisans behind enemy lines. I just sent money to pro-2A organizations in the state. WOLVERINES!

    In another pop culture reference… The moochers have killed Colorado. Who is John Galt?

  10. John Galt’s revolutionary power generator was legislated out of existence by the Obama administration in favor of wind power (static electricity consumption is causing global shrinkage, dontcha know). He’s now living in Detroit and looking for a new job while talking on his Obama phone.

  11. Big Effin’ deal. It would still be easy to just drive right across the state border, buy yourself as many non-marked standard capacity mags as you want, bring them back into Colorado, and pretend that you owned them prior to the ban. Since the burden is on the state to prove otherwise, how could they prosecute?

    The lawmakers know all of this, of course. They just want to look like they did something even remotely useful.

  12. It’s not about prosecutions, it’s about burdens. Make it as legally hazardous as possible to be part of the gun culture, & the gun culture will diminish (or so the thinking goes). The useful idiots (keyword:idiots) here may think they’re doing this for public safety, but it’s culture war.

    The mag ban prohibits transfers, not just sales, So if even if I had a mag date stamped 1998 I couldn’t hand it to someone (or a firearm with said mag in it) without breaking the law (I’d make an illegal transfer & the recipient would be in illegal possession, sans a few very specific exceptions). Ditto for the universal background check bill. 3rd time I’m caught doing either (handing someone a mag or a firearm) that’s a felony. Plus aside form all that I could still be arrested unless I had that hypothetical pre-ban date stamped on the mag. The DA would just likely not prosecute, but that’d still mean jail & bail, & maybe a lawsuit to get my mag &/or guns back.

    It’s not just a local effort though; Biden has made some calls to make sure the locals still got religion. I’m thinking that like the elections, Colorado is a test case for the dems at the national level. If they can get gun owner control passed locally it’ll give them an outline of what to do (or continue to do) in other states. Maybe even embolden the dems in the federal senate & house to push through at least moderate stuff.

    I’m not giving up totally yet though; 3 dems wavered. If the carrot or stick biden’s using doesn’t work on them, then we’ll just need 2 more to stop it in the house, & I’m having everyone I know in a dems district call them every damned day to remind them that constituents can provide them with more family time next election cycle if they don’t see the light.

    If it reaches the senate though, it’s a done deal. & 4 more anti gun bills are on the way – they’re not formally introduced yet so I have no idea what they actually do, but one is an “assault weapons” liability bill, another tightens the qualifications for carry permits (think doing a draw to 25 yard headshot on a B-27 while doing a backflip in under 1 second), another makes a DV arrest a disqualifier from owning firearms, & the last gives the state direct access to mental health records. I suppose next week or the week after they’ll introduce those.

    But watch Colorado closely; this strategy of theirs may come to a state near you.

    1. “Make it as legally hazardous as possible to be part of the gun culture, & the gun culture will diminish (or so the thinking goes). . .”

      That sounds like a corollary to “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

      What will result is a gun culture that is a little more militant and a little less hell-bent on always demonstrating how housebroken they are. And that might be a damn good thing.

      Think about what happened when so many good people were either turned into criminals, or began associating with real criminals, as a result of alcohol Prohibition. My parents’ generation, at least those of the proper socio-economic classes, gained a healthy disdain for law and government as a result.

      1. What you mean “might be a damn good thing”???

        Damn sure it’s a damn good thing! Civil disobedience in the face of unjust laws is a damn patriotic thing as well!

        Molon Labe! Mutafukas!

        1. So what do you suggest? OC march starting at Arlington National Cemetary going to some landmark in DC to stage a peaceful demonstration?

  13. With Biden pushing so hard for a 15rd ban at the state level, could that be an indication that they expect their 10rd national ban to fail?

    1. I don’t think Biden pushed for the 15 rd. It looks like that came up in committee due to repeated testimony from LE and CWP advocates that 15 rounds was standard for handguns. It is intended as a divide & conquer tactic to split off the CWP crowd.

  14. I expect Colorado to become the next New York State. Combine that with all the other VolksRepubliks that are making their Anti-Gun Laws even more Illegaller than before (places like Connecticut, for example), I’m seeing about 10 States in Peril of their Citizens being Denied the RKBA.

    The only Silver Lining is that the Free Citizens of Colorado will have on record those who Voted to destroy the RKBA; the Anti-Gun movement doesn’t seem to be spreading out to most of the Free States; there’s a small chance that the new laws could be fought in Court long enough to delay Implantation long enough to Vote out the Bums, and if all that Fails, enough Free Citizens will Vote with their Feet.

    We shall see.

    1. “enough Free Citizens will Vote with their Feet.”

      Exactly why I’m no longer a resident of NJ.

    2. Residents and businesses in the Nazi states should all be humming the old Billy Joel song, I’m Moving Out!

  15. The irony in all this is that Colorado used to be one of the most solid red states in the country, meanwhile New Mexico was always a democratic stronghold in the southwest, and yet it is doubtful that New Mexico will pass any ban on firearms, while Colorado is slowly morphing into a midget version of California.

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