Thursday News Dump

A rather lengthly gun club board meeting last night interfered with by ability to get anything ready for this morning, so a news dump it will be. Sometimes our club meetings go late. You know when it starts off with 7 agenda items, and then works up to 10, you’re going to be there for a while. But I digress:

People are still angry in New York. To paraphrase the most interesting man in the world, “Stay angry, my friends.” At least some in the GOP aren’t happy with the sellout.

NRA scrubs its “enemies list.” Big news to MSNBC. People kept bringing that up, but it was ancient history. One of the companies listed was “Bell Atlantic.” How long has it been since Bell Atlantic existed? It needed to either be revised or taken down, because it was dated.

Some guy claiming to be an NRA lobbyist talked about some “Connecticut Effect,” except it turns out the guy isn’t an NRA lobbyist, by contract or otherwise.

NFL players are being featured in MAIG ads promoting gun control. If anyone bases their public policy opinions on what NFL players think, I really wish they’d stop voting.

Stay tuned to the Colorado State Shooting Association for the latest news coming out of the… err… hang on, let me look this up… Centennial State? You should also join.

Biden notes the sense of urgency over gun control measures. Well, sure he does. If people spend too much time researching it, and thinking about it, they’ll realize gun control is what you do instead of something. He also notes that the Administration is counting on “legitimate media” for a successful gun control effort. Legitimate in this case meaning media willing to lie through their teeth.

The Full Monty in California. A comprehensive semi-auto ban. Back to the 19th century with you. Why are gun control advocates so… reactionary? Also, a ban on shotgun rifle combinations? Is this even an imaginary problem, let alone a real one?

Americans are losing trust in government. Some of we Americans never really had any to begin with. Ann Althouse looks at why Americans have lost their devotion to the future.

Joe has a quote that warns against complacency. Probably every gun-rights activist out there had a point where they realized the Second Amendment was considered no real barrier to the power elites, and got very angry. The pity is a lot of people still have the mindset of “This couldn’t happen in America. We have the Second Amendment!” The truth is it can, and it’s happening right now.

Gun Control and the Constitution.

“I’m a hunter and gun owner, but”…. is just as much of a refuge of scoundrels as “I support the Second Amendment, but.” You ever notice that these self-hating gun owners never appear on forums, blogs or other online places to actually argue their point of view? They only appear in the media when it becomes convenient for the powers that be. If you’ve never met hunters and shooters who support some gun control, you haven’t been in this issue long enough, but I think a lot of these guys are frauds and sheissters who are trying to buy legitimacy for bankrupt arguments. Remember that John Kerry is, legitimately, a life-long hunter too.

Bloomberg can have my styrofoam when he pries it from my cold dead hands. The good news is that 2013 is a mayoral election year in New York, so we only have to put up with this insufferable busybody for another year. Not that I expect he’ll go away and retire quietly.

Gun Owners Can’t Have Bad Days. You have to develop a certain sense of not giving a shit what other people think about you in this issue. But making it hard for gun owners to seek mental health treatment without risking their right is a real problem, and is something that deserved to be talked about.

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  1. My fear is that, if Bloomberg gets kicked out of office, it will give him more time during the day to devote to his MAIG junk.

    At the same time, if he gets re-elected then there truly is no hope for New York and we should instead move to implement the setup from “Escape From New York” and wall off the city lest they infect the rest of us.

    1. He’s term limited, assuming he doesn’t try to get City Council to change the term limit law yet again. But I doubt that. He barely won a third term.

  2. Huh, I think Harold and I had an interesting thread a few posts back about trust in government. Glad to see Nate Silver’s quote tends to mirror our thinking.

    1. My wife deals with some pretty severe anxiety and panic issues. Seeing a psychiatrist and a talk therapist have helped her be able to live a relatively normal life. My fear though is that her issues would effect my ability to own and/or purchase a gun. I live in Virginia where, as you know, the mental health component has been made a little stronger.


  3. You ever notice that these self-hating gun owners never appear on forums, blogs or other online places to actually argue their point of view?

    You see a good number, just not often in places aligned to the political right. It’s a thought process that’s dependent on being surrounded by other folk that agree with you. If you’re a self-hating gun owner, you say so when all the folk around you are similarly ‘sane’, not when in the piranha’s feeding pool.

    They don’t want to be challenged, and they don’t want to the risk of being contaminated with ideas like “a barrel shroud is there to prevent burns” or “a lot of guns are actually made for target shooting.”

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