Thursday News Dump

It’s Thursday, and everyone is talking about guns, so time to clear the tabs:

Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk delivers 6000+ NRA Life Members.

Radley Balko to Joe Biden: The Cops Are Not Outgunned

The Defensive Line. NFLPA helps to give NFL players proper training in the safe and responsible use of firearms in self-defense.

A takedown of the New York Times’ “Confessions of a Leftist Gun Owner”

Joe takes down the notion that no one wants to take our guns, which is kind of easy when political pundits on the left are publishing articles called “How to Ban Guns.”

California lawmakers consider wide range of new gun controls.

What Feinstein’s failed to tell you. Her bill plausibly bans all semi-automatics because of a bug in the drafting. Or is it a feature?

NYPD chief says handguns are the real problems. So we must ban rifles!

Laws are for the little people.

6 thoughts on “Thursday News Dump”

  1. As far as Feinstein’s proposal, apparently Mark Pryor, D-Arkansas, has stated he cannot support it. Mark Begich bailed on her weeks ago. Looks like there is no way this gets 60 votes.

  2. Another thing- the NRA now has over 4.5 million members. That’s 500,000 in a month. Thats awesome news. Maybe it can get up to 5.

    1. Here’s a citation, but CNS is all too frequently sloppy, net membership could be under 4.5 million as of yesterday since there are losses as well as they mentioned when they did their offical “we’ve hit 4.25 million” announcement, which was a net 150K addition. But it will surely be 4.5 fairly soon, but I’m not sure it’ll hit 5 million, or at least anytime soon, depending on what happened in D.C. and the individual states.

        1. Ah, didn’t find that.

          Great, attrition was under 100K so a net new 500K put them over 4.5K.

          That’s a net 250K in half a month, starting at when New York’s midnight AW ban was put in place, faster than the net 250K gained in the month immediately after Newtown, which had the distractions of the holidays. We could well see 5 million in a month, month and a half.

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