The Usefulness of Gun Control

Anti-gun lawmakers from Philadelphia are speaking out on Pennsylvania’s new concealed carry reciprocity restrictions. What are they saying?

  • “I don’t think it’s going to drastically affect violence in Philadelphia.” – Rep. Kevin Boyle (D-rated by NRA)
  • “It’s not the people with legitimate guns, it’s the people with the street guns who are destroying the neighborhood.” – Rep. James Clay (refused to answer NRA member questions during his election)
  • “We have to be realistic. This isn’t a panacea that’s going to solve all of our problems.” – Rep. Brendan Boyle (D+ rating from NRA)

In other words, this served absolutely no purpose even though many of the Philadelphia lawmakers previously claimed that “closing the Florida Loophole” would absolutely make a huge difference to solving Philadelphia’s crime rates. Now that they have it, these lawmakers are calling for more laws and restrictions.

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  1. My dad’s a gun guy. I guess that means I come by it rightly. Dad’s not one to follow the minutia of gun control fights, but he surprised me by calling me and asking me about the reciprocity fight. He not only knew what the Attorney General was pulling, he said he was sorry he had a LTCF to go with his Florida permit. Because he has an LTCF he can’t be the plaintiff for the lawyer who is planning on suing over it.

    I rewrote the NC universal reciprocity law for Pennsylvania and sent it to him. He’s going to take it to his Representative and demand that it be introduced as legislation.

    It’s kind of funny watching my dad when he gets wound up. I don’t much like politicians, so it’s nice to see people I don’t much like suffer the wrath of a man whose wrath I had to suffer when I screwed up as a child. There’s a whole lot of “Neener, neener, neener” still left over from my childhood.

  2. “In other words, this served absolutely no purpose ”

    Unless the purpose is to screw around with lawful gun owners. I hate to be so cynical but most laws seem like that to me.

  3. This is why even those “common sense” measures should be opposed, if only as a buffer standing in front of the next thing they want.

  4. This is one of those perfect reminders that even if we always win on facts, consistency, logic, and fairness, we don’t always win.

    It’s as if national fiscal policy were written by people who think one plus one equals bubblegum. Oh, wait.

  5. This shouldn’t surprise us. It’s just one more little step in the civilian disarmament program.

    Some facts: In the English-speaking world, Canada was used to test the template.

    Back in the nineties, Canada’s firearms laws were more relaxed than in most U.S. states. Then, Canada was forced into the “step-by-step” civilian disarmament program.

    It will sound eerily familiar to us.

    To start: a massacre. It was performed in a college by a woman-hating Muslim–but this fact was hushed up. He told the men to leave the classroom–and the cowards did. The police waited outside. 14 women were murdered.

    Lying in wait, the anti-gun cabal danced in the blood of the victims. The victims became symbolic, resurrected every year to restart the anti-gun vitriol.

    Liberal MP Sharon Carstairs revealed the plot: This is the start of the social reconstruction of Canada. Liberal Bigwig Lloyd Axworthy added that he looked forward to Canada being the first disarmed country.

    The Firearms Act was rammed through a reluctant Parliament and became law.

    The new California and New York legislation is practically a direct copy of the Canadian firearms law.

    Did you know that the BATFE has a staffed office in Toronto?

    Someone might want to compare the Feinstein ban list with the Mountie’s ban list.

    Did you know that the two individuals who engineered the gun laws and confiscations in Canada and Australia ran IANSA–the global movement “against gun violence”, and that the Canadian is the engine behind South Africa’s attempt at gun control.

    I would bet that the American and international gun haters have each other on speed dial.

    1. Rebecka Peters is one of them. She was behind gun control in Australia, then the United States. The last I heard she was in England working on international gun control for the U.N.

      1. Her name is Rebecca Peters, actually:

        I can still remember Rebecca Peters from back when I first got to see her in a video that the NRA made many years ago. She was talking about the “need” for gun bans everywhere. It was the first time that any woman speaking with an Australian accent made me cringe, since normally I find women with accents like hers attractive.

  6. Rebecca Peters told gun owners that they will have to find “another hobby”.

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