Quote of the Day

Christine M. Flowers at the Daily News:

Philadelphia has been ignored in Harrisburg. It does have special problems. But acting like defiant and belligerent children when we don’t get our way isn’t going to solve those problems. It’s just going to confirm what the people in northeastern and western and central Pennsylvania already think of us.

That we’re a lawless city.

Yes, it will.  Not to mention that it’s not a great idea, in a city infested with lawlessness, to have the Mayor, Police Chief, and City Council themselves flout the law so flagrantly.

One Response to “Quote of the Day”

  1. mark says:

    Philadelphia has been a lawless city since it began.
    Complaints about street gang activity were found in a City newspaper as early as 1791, involving gangs of (Irish) street boys setting fires.
    Former Mayor John Street’s administration was investigated by the FBI, and
    members of his government were arrested and jailed.
    Great idea, Mayor – make the city better by breaking the law.