Sunday News Dump

Well, it looks like the slow news cycle only lasted for a couple of days, so we find ourselves, once again, with lots of news worth linking.

Connecticut’s “preppers” prepared for gun debate. They are a big and pretty engaged community. I’ve gotten some links form prepper blogs that can rival a link from Instapundit.

The Democratic Farmer-Labor in Minnesota (a.k.a the Democratic Party) sets a course on gun control. Needless to say, they are pushing for more. If you live in Minnesota, your imperative is to keep your rural DFLers in line.

The changing face of gun control. “I support the Second Amendment,” is the new refuge of scoundrels.

By now many of you have seen this video where Joe Biden admits gun control won’t be effective at stopping crime or mass shootings. Well, that’s because the purpose of gun control isn’t either of those things. To say that they want to turn millions of gun owners into criminals is not really accurate. What’s accurate is that they already think you’re a criminal. They just want to be able to punish you for it.

Joe Biden is coming to Pennsylvania to rub elbows with Bob Casey. Remember this in 2018, when casey is up again.

The inmates are truly running the asylum. The election has seriously emboldened the Democratic Party, and now the left is solidly running things. If the Republicans stand with us, we have to punish the Democrats in 2014. That’s going to take effort. Our people are very bad at positive reinforcement, and that’s something we have to change.

How the gun control movement got smart? When did this happen? Next article “How the pro-Second Amendment movement stopped being a herd of cats.”

David Keene sure seems to be racking up his frequent flyer miles. That’s good, because I think he’s been a good spokesman. More here.

Evolving Christian attitudes towards personal defense.

Martin O’Malley takes a swipe at the NRA. Along with Cuomo, he’s one of the other hopefuls for 2016. Hey, running on gun control worked for Al Gore, right?

Coverage of the rally in Trenton, to oppose this. More here. The snowstorm likely did not help turnout. There was also turnout in Utah, Maine, and Ohio.

Guns are fun!

Apparently some of our public schools are solving the problem of low scores in Algebra by just not teaching it. I hope you’re brushing up on your Mandarin.

Remember that only police can be trusted with guns.

Passing up a gun show for lack of parking. Seems to be a common problem these days.

Gun accidents down, while other accidents rise. Maybe society, and particularly doctors, ought to get their profession out of the business of taking sides in political debates, and instead focus on more common sources of accidents.

8 thoughts on “Sunday News Dump”

  1. DFL=Democratic Farmer Labor. The progresso-facists in the twin cities area are somewhat different from the outstate demos. I believe we will see some outstaters cave. Happy year of the snake. Kinda appropriate.

  2. Re: Biden comment. To bring you tbup a notch, I think the real reason for gun control is to give politicians a way to pretend to do something about crime workout actually doing anything.

    1. Beat, that is part of it. One of the real consequence of gun control as being legislated(proposed) by extreme democrats is to reduce the amount of money being spent into often pro-gun, conservative /republican parties. When you ban something it has an economic impact on those that make the banned something and they have less money to be politically active with.

  3. David Keene’s interview was conducted fairly and sensibly. I don’t know anything about the interview from the Denver Post but he seemed like a reasonable fellow.

    As far aa I’m concerned David Keene is probably one of our best advocates right now on the public stage. Wayne LaPierre is looking tired and does not seem to have the depth of perspective on these issues. I’m glad it was David Keene who was summoned to Colorado.

  4. I bet Joan is wetting herself with excitement over seeing some bitter clingers get SWATted in her home state.

    I sure hope for the safety of any pets she may have that her husband doesn’t have a 20 round magazine tucked away in his gun safe.

  5. Re: MD Governor O’Malley

    He whined to the WashPo that the NRA goons were “drowning out gun control” in his state.

    He almost got that correct. We do intend to drown it out, but the specter of the NRA is the least of his concerns. The 4,000 people who descended on the Capitol Wednesday were not there from the NRA or a robo-call telling them to move. They represented more than 10 organization who – for once – moved in lock-step fashion to oppose Gun Control. Everyone contributed, and there was not one single “leader” organization.

    I can credit the Governor with one great thing: he brought MSI, NRA and others to the same table with all past transgressions forgiven and forgotten. Seriously, there is not one hint of backstage drama among us.

    To the bigger issue: The Governor was supposed to get gun control as an easy win. He is failing. They are regrouping now, and we are still under the weight of a system completely stacked against us. They may win, but they will have to fight like hell to do so.

    Also, Maryland elections fro House and Senate are in 2014. We are already planning to primary several lawmakers that do not go our way, and we are not shy about it. Our members are changing affiliation from R to D and telling their reps when they do.

  6. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL): Well, Chief Johnson, you heard it, the belief of the NRA is that the Second Amendment has to give American citizens the firepower to fight back against you, against our government.

    Well folks, you heard it. The belief of Sen. Durbin and the Democrat Party is that, after Katrina when the New Orleans PD was looting, or when you are being shot at by LAPD in a case of mistaken identity, or when Chris Dorner is shooting at you because he thinks you may actually like someone in the LAPD, you the citizen absolutely must not be allowed the firepower to fight back against them.

    Tell it to the Deacons for Defense and Justice, Senator.

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