Private Sale Ban in New Mexico

The New Mexico legislature is controlled by the Democratic Party, and they are wasting no time trying to ram through a ban on private sales. I did not want it to come to this, because I am not partisan when it comes to this issue. I welcome true pro-gun Democrats and appreciate them. I liked it when both parties were competing for our vote.

But the fact is the Democratic Party as a whole are now demonstrating they cannot be trusted when it comes to guns. Guns rights seem to be fashion to entirely too many Democrats. When it’s in-fashion to support gun rights, they support gun rights. But once their dear leader declares gun rights are no longer fashionable, they line up to see who can be the first to screw the Second Amendment. That’s not how a true friend behaves.

And to top it all off, the Republicans might just decide they can go back to being the party of “Not as bad as the other guy.”

10 thoughts on “Private Sale Ban in New Mexico”

  1. The Democratic party has been heavily progressive and pro government for my entire memory as an adult. That is from the 60’s till now, about 50 years. The Republicans have been not much better with a few exceptions for brief periods of time. It seems that it is a contest to see who gets to spend the money. Since FDR government has grown rapidly. Fastest under Democrat control, but still growing under Republican control. Unless we get to an imaginary “Constitution” party, the nation is lost. It will continue to slide into a Socialist state. Loss of freedoms and destruction of the economy are the result of voter apathy, voter fraud, and a planned attack by the natural enemy of democracy – Socialism/Communism/Marxism.

    So, the worry about the Democrats taking away the guns is valid, but the “other” party will cooperate with them to do it.

  2. The Republicans may think so, but it’d be suicidal to do so.

    We are no longer in the mood for “lesser of two evils”.

  3. Seen on Twitter: The Democratic Party is essentially a giant national enterprise that borrows and spends vast sums of money to buy votes and power. What do they actually DO that’s of any use or good? It’s all in the name of more Government.

  4. “the Democratic Party as a whole are now demonstrating they cannot be trusted when it comes to guns.”

    A computer dating service had just introduced them to the Republicans as an excellent match.

    1. Various efforts have been made, and so far they have always failed. I don’t want to get into a recital of history or a discussion of it, but it is true that the system has become more rigged against alternatives as time has progressed. Shutting out or co-opting outsiders is the one place the existing parties have always shown true bipartisan cooperation.

      I will say that if there is ever to be an alternative, it will have to begin with all of us truly losing faith in the existing “team sport” system. Whether that would lead to one or more viable alternative political parties, or just the collapse of the charades the existing parties have played with us for years, is hard to say, but as long as we can be lured into cheering for one of the existing factions, nothing important is likely to change.

  5. If the GOP caves on me, I’ll aggressively back better candidates in the primaries and will unhesitatingly vote third party if necessary in almost all elections. I may be willing to consider a RINO for POTUS but only because of judicial appointments.

    I’d prefer to have a government full of democrats and let it burn at this point then a room full of RINOs who slowly sell us out.

  6. The Democratic Party at both statewide and national level is the party of gun-control. There might have been exceptional Democrats in the past who stood with the 2nd Amendment but now the forces of gun-control are actively purging the Democratic party of such heretics.

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