The Democrat Dilemma in the Senate

The Hill has an interesting story talking about the dynamic. Supposedly Feinstein has been throwing a fit at the idea that her wide-ranging ban on semi-autos may be a political non-starter. She’s insisting on it.

Bloomberg is unlikely to be shy if Senate Democrats do not go all out to reinstate the assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004. Former President George W. Bush backed the reinstatement of the ban, but like Obama in his first term, he did not press Congress to act.

Obama will huddle with Senate Democrats at their retreat in Annapolis, Md., on Wednesday.

Gun control supporters are funding a new advertising campaign to pressure some Democrats.

This is what’s it’s like facing people with real money, and willing to put it behind races.

6 thoughts on “The Democrat Dilemma in the Senate”

  1. It’s her last chance (she wants something more than a post office with her name on it for posterity) before the dark side of the force finishes her off.

    1. That’s one person I’m very glad is closer to the grave than the cradle…

  2. Here’s hoping she insists and it’s an utter, immense failure.

    Maybe eventually the other side will learn that Really, No, Really, It’s Not Popular.

    1. It will be a colossal failure. Even if by some miracle they twist enough arms to get it through the senate, it’s dead in the house. And those Democrats from conservative states who vote for it under duress will be toast. It’ll be like the 2010 election all over again.

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