“I believe in common-sense gun safety laws”

Says Barack Obama, so you cousin humpers can stop buying up so many guns.  Jim Geraghty points out:

Of course, a lot of these new Democrats in the House and Senate are A-rated by the NRA, and plenty more are B-rated. But there is now at least some chance of gun control legislation getting through Congress, a reason for gun owners to be wary of the new Congress. A few who insisted that Democrats would never make a move on this issue are beginning to sweat a little bit.

They ought to sweat.  A lot of prominent Democrats are going to have egg on their faces if Obama follows through on his platform in regards to guns.  We know he only supports common-sense gun safety laws, and that’s exactly what we’re afraid of.

4 thoughts on ““I believe in common-sense gun safety laws””

  1. I’m sure there’s some kind of lesson in the fact that Remington, Hornady, and Springfield Armory aren’t asking for a bailout while GM, Ford, and Chrysler prophesy The End if they’re not rescued. I’m not sure if I can find it during finals week, though.

  2. My favorite comment from Geraghty:

    After all, it’s not like Obama has broken his promises or changed his mind on public financing, or filibustering the FISA bill, or windfall profits taxes, or not staffing his cabinet with “the same Washington players,” or tapping into the strategic petroleum reserve, or nuclear power, or renegotiating NAFTA, or debating John McCain anytime and anywhere, or whether Iran is a threat, or meeting with dictators without preconditions, or disowning Jeremiah Wright, or whether he could ever leave his church, or whether Jim Johnson works for him, or whether he would have supported the 1996 welfare reform bill, or whether Jerusalem must remain undivided, or the quality of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy experience…

  3. “I believe in common-sense gun safety laws.”

    “Common sense laws” is subjective, particularly coming from a legislator.

    Common sense, after all, dictates moves designed to ensure incumbency.

    The boy’s been salivating over heading up a Democratic-majority government for a few years.

    Mr Change, president-elect.

    Bets on how long the honeymoon lasts?

    He’s facing issues that won’t wither in the face of rhetoric.

  4. I don’t. For example, it’s a common-sense safety issue to keep your finger out of the trigger guard until you’re ready to fire. Yet I don’t think that there should be a law to mandate doing so.

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