Supreme Court Picks

John Lott links to an article by Jan Crawford Greenberg:

Leading Senate Democrats are already warning against solidly conservative nominees, and that could make confirmation difficult in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Still, some of Bush’s political advisers believe he would be better off tapping a strong conservative who would rally the base — especially a nominee with a compelling life story who would be difficult for moderate Senate Democrats to oppose.

In that camp are federal appeals court Judges Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown. Both were filibustered by Senate Democrats after Bush nominated them as appellate judges and were eventually confirmed after Senate leaders struck a compromise on judicial nominations.

It would agree the wise political move for Bush would be to nominate a solidly conservative candidate that the Democrats would have no real grounds to say no to, and make them say no to her.   That’s great fodder for 2008, and will get the base rallied.  It would be a welcome departure from Bush’s tone deaf actions as of late, especially on immigration.   Hell, I’m generally pro-immigration, and even I think his immigration plan is a steaming pile of manure.

Beating your base up is a sure way to make Republicans stay home in 2008, and that will give us President Hillary or President Obama.   Neither of those two choices are palatable to me.  If Bush keeps acting like a bozo with no political sense, I’m going to register Democrat and vote for Bill Richardson, just so I can contribute to minimizing the damage.